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Year of the APY

Good morning banks. This article is not for you. I am writing this because of the colossal interest rate of is offering, and let us start from the beginning.

Traditional banks are eating all your profits, and they never think of your savings. shares at least 80% of its revenue back to CEL token holders, a relatively high percentage. This article will show you complete steps to earn up to 15.89% APY with almost zero risks. Yes, keep on reading, my friend.

Someone will call the year 2020 Year of the Defi, but I will name it later Year of the APY. When I’m investing, the most important thing is that I can easily sleep my nights without losing my money, which is the main point of my writing this article.

There are many platforms where you can get an excellent interest rate for your money, but in my opinion, one is above all, it is

Like you can see in the picture Celsius Informational Charts, the history of interest rates is very solid and steady from the beginning. I also considered each place’s reputation, ease of use, security, available assets, interest rates, fees, and customer support.

They updated their platforms recently, both web interface and mobile application.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrency that has one significant difference compared to others; they are stable, excluding crypto coins colossal volatility. They also play a major role in DEFI (decentralized finance). In this case, we are going to stablecoins backed by FIAT, 1 to 1, for example, Tether (USDT), USDC coin (USDC), and so forth.

You can earn 15.89% APY with on Tether, and it is straightforward and safe. You can make even a better APY in their platform, but it is not backed up 1 to 1 by FIAT currency.

Here are the steps on how to get that 15.89 % yearly interest rater even today. And that is not all. I will give you 20 USD as a bonus when you have deposited 200 USD (yes, only 200) for 30 days. To get it click the picture at the end of this article .Fair enough for you? Haha, let us continue.

Celsius.networks new earning calculator is incredible. You can calculate exactly how much profit you will get on your deposits and investments. For example, I deposited 2000 USD, bought the CEL tokens for the full bonus. My interest rate is 15.89% APY, so I will earn 317.82 USD in a year, paid out weekly by Of course, the interest rate is not fixed, so it can change a little bit.

CEL (Celsius network token) is their utility token, which gives you a higher interest rate, and loan terms are also much more profitable for the token owners. You get a silver loyalty tier when you have 5 to 10% CEL tokens of your total holdings, and the gold tier is 10 to 15% of CEL, and over 15% is the platinum tier level, which is the best. You get 10% benefits with silver, 20% with gold, and 35% with the platinum tier level.

All the CEL tokens are in circulation, so I believe strongly that the CEL tokens prize will increase heavily and steadily in the future. For example, in the last 30 days, token has risen 117.6%, colossal, right? Around 93% of the Celsians hold their earned CEL rather than sell them. And of course, you get the benefit from the possible price surge too, when you own the CEL tokens, not only the yearly interest. And you can withdraw your deposits at any time you want, so you are not locked with them in case you need your liquidity elsewhere. is also outstanding if you are not interested in cryptocurrencies, deposit money to stablecoin, for example, Tether, and enjoy a yearly profit of 11.55%, not bad at all, yes? And this is without any risk. Taxation on cryptocurrencies var in every country, so it is not necessary so profitable after all, so you should check your country policy on that.

Conclusion, if you are Hodler, is made for your purposes. It gives you an excellent interest rate, and if you need some money from time to time, they also loan to you instantly against your holdings, and you don’t lose the crypto.

More information about is easily found on, which is a fan-based website, totally independent of the company. It is an excellent center of information about the Celsius network.

Today, have over 175.000 members, over 1.1 billion in assets under management, CEL interest paid over 43 million USD in two years. Gandalf has spoken.

If you liked my bonus money of 20 USD, just click the picture below and create account to Please share this article if you liked it.

Happy Hodling!

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