Bitgert (BRISE) is likely to be the most discussed crypto project for today. Bitgert has been among the best-performing crypto coins. 

While most crypto coins are dropping steeply, the Bitgert has been growing immensely.

Bitgert has been compared to larger cryptocurrencies in the field due to its fast growth and development. One of the big crypto coins compared with is Ethereum. Experts are saying that Bitgert may be the next Ethereum because of its massive developments. Here are the reasons why


The main reason why Bitgert is being called the next Ethereum is due to its fast-growing Bitgert ecosystem. There can be no doubt that Bitgert has one of the fastest ecosystems in the market today. 

More projects have been launched by Bitgert for its ecosystem than any crypto project of its age. The Bitgert project submitted the delivery of the roadmap V1 in just 6 months, which included the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain.

In roadmap V1, Bitgert built many products. In roadmap V2, more disruptive products are being built. Hundreds of projects will be coming into the Bitgert ecosystem through the Startup Studio next year.

In addition to the disruptive products and projects, Bitgert might surpass Ethereum’s performance. The Bitgert blockchain, the fastest chain with the lowest gas fees, is one of the most disruptive products. Among Bitgert’s other products are the centralized exchange, the Web3 oracle, and Bitgert’s NFT market.


Ethereum is one of the biggest blockchains despite experts saying Bitgert might be the next Ethereum. It is impossible to replace Ethereum. However, there are projects with the potential to outperform Ethereum such as Bitgert. In addition to scalability issues, Ethereum has one of the highest gas fees. Ethereum’s gas fee jumped to $3,300 following the recent Bored Ape NFT minting.

The Bitgert chain has solved Ethereum’s issue of high gas fee and slow speed issues. Hence, there might be more Ethereum users that will start joining the EVM compatible BRC20 blockchain. Ethereum’s improved upgrades might not outbeat Bitgert’s faster ecosystem.

In conclusion, Bitgert might be the next big thing in crypto. Due to its potential to be the next Ethereum. This is due to the massive developments the team is working on. Hence that’s why Bitgert is topping the list of the best crypto investments of 2022.

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