“We’re Definitely Going to Change the Game,” Said French Montana About “French Family PFP NFT.” New Hype Collection Can Outperform BAYC

french montana NFTs

After 17-times, Billboard Global Top 10 record holder rapper French Montana revealed to NullTX the first details of his new Collection of NFTs, which has been tentatively dubbed the “French Family NFT” our team sought further information on the project that could be the latest hype in the crypto market.

Montana previously said that the Collection consists of 10,000 NFTs. They unlock exclusive private club memberships, a dedicated city in USM Metaverse, new album “Montega” NFT music rights, and in-real-life specials such as backstage access to worldwide concerts.

But this is just one of the features of the new Collection, as our report found that French Montana has been working on recording a new album called “Montega” and that his new work will be the first music album to unite the music market with the ecosystem crypto through “Montega music NFT (MTG).

Montana aims to impact the music industry with his new album and has been claiming that it could be a Web 3 milestone as the album will be shared with his fans. Montana owns the master of his new album, and therefore he owns 100% of the music and products linked to “Montega.”

“I felt like I wanted to get more involved with my friends and everyone who listens to my music, and everyone has been following my movement from day one. And me being 100% owner of Montega gives me enough space to make everyone own something with me,” he said during a Twitter Space Chat with the wearable artist Bluboy.

According to French Montana, now that he has ownership of the album and there are no intermediaries to control the rights linked to Montega, Montana has revealed that he will share the rights to the album with his fans. Therefore, fans will not only listen to the songs, but they will also be able to own the rights to the songs.

“Now that I have property. I want to let the fans support me as they want their own little piece and understand part of the business side, part of the art side, part of growing together. This is my art. I own it. I want you to have a piece of it too.”

In this way, we discovered that the new NFTs of the “French Family PFP NFT” would be linked with the “Montega music NFT (MTG),” which will be distributed via airdrop. There will be rare NFTs that will provide backstage access to French Montana’s concerts globally from June 20, 2022, to June 19, 2025, and super rare NFTs of the MTG can make the holder get the exclusive commercial rights to Montega, including commercial performance, remix and resell.

“Like innovation, doing things that no one’s done before and is like my poor thing, man. Like, I don’t like doing anything that’s been done before. This is the first time somebody dropping a PFP NFT with one album music NFT bundle. We’re definitely going to change the game where the first time was happening”, pointed Montana during the Twitter Space Chat.

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