Vila Token The Next Big Thing.
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Vila Token The Next Big Thing.

Vila Token The Next Big Thing.

Vila Token Your Ticket To Accumulation Of Good Income.

Blockvila is a reliable and front runner Cryptocurrency Trading and Exchange Company situated in Africa. They are the world’s first cashback and profit-sharing P2P crypto exchange with specialties in buying, selling, trading, and exchange of digital currency as well as providing cryptocurrency wallet services and education concerning blockchain. They have vast knowledge and experience in blockchain services. They are guided by a global driven vision to render first-class technological-based digital services with a clear cut road map objective to attain standards.


VILA is a token used for trading at Blockvila exchange through which trading fee, listing fee, etc. can be paid.  In addition, VILA provides quite a number of utilities around the exchange platform, which include but not limited to:
Staking: Holders of vila coin can stake their coins to earn 30$ Vila yearly or earn 15% USDT while holding Vila coin.

VILA TOKEN is developed with the purpose of easing payments within the Blockvila exchanges and for staking. A total of 300 million VILA will be issued never to be increased and will run on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 standard token.


Blockvila will award a 10% bonus to users who refer a friend to purchase VILA token. The referrer has the option to choose to receive the Bonus either in BTC, ETH, or VILA. Blockvila will integrate other token sale referral benefits.


ViLa has been listed for Swapping, trade, and staking on Blockvila exchange during the token sales and will be available for trading and withdrawal at the end of Token sales. Blockvila will also be listed on other exchanges and in coinmarketcap after a successful conclusion of token sales.


VILA coin has been created with the Blockvila and crypto community at heart and in mind. VILA presents a sizeable opportunity for existing Blockvila users and those who wish to use Blockvila. It has been launched.

Vila Coin Private sales:

was launched on the 8th of June 2020

1 VILA = $0.05

Private sales price — 30% discount = $0.035 and ended on 30th of June 2020

Vila Public sale: started on the 10th of October 2020 were one Vila was sold for $0.05and has ended on the 10th of January 2021.

What Is The Next big thing for Vila Coin?
Get ready to make good money during the soon to come VILA airdrop and bounty.don’t miss out of this golden opportunity knocking on the door.

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