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VersoView’s AI-Powered Ecosystem: A New Standard for Digital Publishing – CoinCheckup Blog

Despite recent advancement in the publishing industry, there is still one huge gap in the market for corporations, brands or publishers; converting printed content to digital the options are quite limiting. With recent advances in AI and blockchain technology, new companies like VersoView have found innovative new ways to streamline the conversion of printed content to a user-friendly digital format. 

Issue with Print to Digital 

Businesses can either use a “Flip-book” DIY process that converts the raw images to a new medium, use a company to manually convert publications across digital mediums, (Web, iOS, Android) or hire an entire team with an Adobe Manager to create branded apps for platforms like Apple News+. These solutions vary from clumsy and outdated to time-consuming and unaffordable for many users. 

VersoView: AI-Backed Blockchain Solution

VersoView is an engagement and rewards platform hosting branded DeFi ecosystems, but is far from limited to this purpose. VersoView offers a brand new solution to print media conversion with its Engagement and Rewards platform, AI-powered patent-pending app, and deflationary (VVT) token. 

The VersoView ecosystem combines blockchain and AI to provide a seamless digital environment when users can host, and engage their communities around high-quality content; without the heavy cost. The VersoView patent-pending AI technology allows for the seamless conversion of printed media into digital content via an automated process capable of batching a company’s entire back library. 

The VersoView app uses OpenView for a rich user experience across web, iOS and android and boasts an enhanced layout, interactive features, with time efficiency being a focal point of the design. For the first time users can have huge amounts of printed content like magazines, corporate communications, and other media reimagined into aesthetically pleasing, readable digital formats. 

VVT and Branded Social Tokens 

VVT is the VersoView platform’s native token and the lifeblood of the whole ecosystem. It is a deflationary, multi-functional token that connects audiences and communities with the best possible quality content across digital mediums. 

The VVT token also acts as a staking mechanism for minting Branded Social Tokens. Corporations, brands, publishers and institutions can stake VVT to create their very own Branded Social Tokens. These unique tokens are then used to reward their communities for various publications, educational resources, brands, reports, product stories, and more. 

Publish, Engage and Reward with VersoView

One of the biggest strengths of VVT and Branded Social Tokens is how they combine to encourage community engagement through rewards and help the brands voice to really get heard by their communities. Alternatives like the flip-book DIY process, (besides their cost) do virtually nothing to capture the brand’s voice, foster community engagement or reward all parties. 

With VersoView, digital publishers are rewarded with VVT through avenues such as ad placements revenue, while token holders, subscribers and communities benefit from the rich plethora of resources and features within the ecosystem. VersoViews engagement and rewards platform opens the door to what is now possible with AI, blockchain and innovation in the world of publishing. 

By creating a self-sustaining ecosystem that benefits all the active parties equally, saves time and money while offering a seamless experience, promotion of participation through tangible rewards, VersoView’s AI-powered platform presents a strong use-case for print to digital publication. 

VersoRewards Pool the Alpha Platform

The VersoRewards Pool shares both advertising and subscription revenue with all parties, with 2.5% of subscription revenue and 6% the advertising revenue allocated for staking to. This ecosystem model helps to increase revenue for publishers, foster community engagement, while subscribers will see rewards for their loyalty.

Big corporations, brands and publishers are already beginning their transformation to this generational leap through VersoView Alpha platform, and becoming a part of this revolutionary news phase of publishing. 

With the BetaPlatform just around the corner, there is no better time to join the ecosystem than now. To learn more about VersoView or VersoReward Rewards, check out this link.

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