Unique Blockchain Project that Explores Tokenization of Education Sector

The entire ecosystem is powered by the STC token, which is the utility currency of the platform. It is an ERC-20 token that is built to offer transparency, fast payments, and regular dividends to users. 

Blockchain is a unique innovation that has resulted in a multi-billion dollar industry centered around building novel innovations. As the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has led the charge proving that money can be transferred without using traditional payment means. 

Ethereum took the mantle and expanded the possibilities with smart contracts where projects are built on blockchain technology. This further resulted in tokenization that is currently the rave in the blockchain industry. 

Tokenization changes the existing status quo and opens up new investment opportunities for investors. This is the core feature of the innovative blockchain project Student Coin, which takes it to the next level. Student Coin provides a platform for designing, creating and managing personal, NFT, and DeFi tokens. 

Academic Blockchain Project

The peculiarity of Student Coin is the fact that it is backed by students and academics that are accumulated from more than 500 educational institutions all over the globe. Universities are associated with research and innovations thus Student Coin is looking to expose some of the brightest minds to blockchain technology. 

This is done by creating an environment where students can access blockchain innovations directly and interconnect with each other via a shared token STC token. The project team acknowledged this purpose in their whitepaper which stated that it aimed to transform the educational sector with its innovative features. 

Just like how social media giant Facebook began with the initial aim of linking students’ profiles and facilitating inter-school communication. Student Coin seeks to follow a similar path by exposing university students to blockchain technology. 

The blockchain platform has been able to get backing from academic institutions to prepare a comprehensive and educational-driven educational approach built on blockchain technology. Some of the schools that are connected to the Student Coin ecosystem include New York University, Harvard University, Stanford University, and Kozminski University. 

Student Coin is currently in its ICO stage that launched in February. The ICO is divided into different phases, and the project has already raised over $9 million in its past 82 phases. The current phase aims to raise $250,000 and has already reached $100,000. Each STC token is valued at $0.015, with the price increasing with subsequent phases. 

Accelerating Blockchain Development with Tokenization

Student Coin focuses on increasing blockchain development with tokenization. The past 12 months has seen a significant switch in the blockchain industry towards decentralized finance (DeFi) and Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). 

DeFi protocols alone manage over $35 billion worth of assets and introduced terms like staking, yield farming, and lending to the blockchain sector. NFTs have transformed the entire world of art enabling artists to sell their works on blockchain for record fees. 

These sectors are based on tokenization and show the potentials of tokens in building the future of finance. Student Coin offers a unique environment for tokenization. Students can learn about DeFi and NFTs on the STC educational panel. 

This knowledge can be used on the STC terminal to build and launch DeFi and NFT tokens. These tokens are then listed on STC exchange, which is the Student Coin trading platform, and tokens stored on the STC Wallet. 

This flow of activities on the Student Coin provides the basis for students and institutions to fully grasp the potentials of blockchain technology. 

Student Coin token (STC)

The entire ecosystem is powered by the STC token, which is the utility currency of the platform. It is an ERC-20 token that is built to offer transparency, fast payments, and regular dividends to users. 

STC serves as the central currency for all tokens that are built within the STC terminal. This means that all the tokens created within the Student Coin ecosystem are pegged to STC token. Thus if the value of STC token increases, it affects other tokens on the platform. 

STC token is also used for voting to determine the activities and governance of the Student Coin ecosystem. Universities have already used it to conduct surveys and vote for important decisions. 

The token is also required to build projects on STC terminal and functions as a type of gas for the platform. STC is already listed on four exchanges Cointiger, Uniswap, and You can trade your tokens on the exchanges listed above and speculate to make profits. 

To learn more about Student Coin, visit its website and ICO launchpad.

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