Ubitquity And Real Items Powered By Vechain Get Together to Leverage Ubitquity NFT Technology

Ubitquity, a software platform focused on the blockchain real estate sector, has signed a letter of intent with Vechain Powered Real Items to leverage its NFT technology. Real Items operates as an anti-counterfeiting company using Vechain technology.


Ubitquity is looking forward to developing NFT and DeFi solutions for real estate, escrow or title companies. Ubitquity works with blockchain-focused ecosystems and renowned title platforms including VeChain, Proton Chain, government blockchain solutions, AIC Title Service, Women in Blockchain Canada, E-Title Cambodia, and Lava Trust.

Eisenreich Expressed His Feelings:

What could be better than two great, innovative companies joining hands?. They both Run On VeChain!

The users of Vechain Enabled Real Items are guaranteed the quality of the products, confirming their authenticity and origin. Therefore, Ubitquity plans to partner with Real Item innovation to boost its title insurance industry and leverage its white-labeled MyNFTs market.

In this way, physical property and its records can be securely stored in NFTs and authenticated to provide a complete history of the corresponding title.

More importantly, access to the NFT asset on Real Items is possible through their smart Labels. Using Vechain Powered Real Items smart tags, Ubitquity clients scan a blockchain-protected QR code of title of ownership and then redirected to the Real Items app, which allows NFTs trading. The payment options at Real Items shop require users to integrate their credit cards or bank accounts and add their funds to the wallet section.

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