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TIME Magazine Partnered With Grayscale To Produce Educational Crypto Videos And Agreed To Be Paid In Bitcoin

TIME Magazine will release a series of educational videos about the crypto industry with partnership with asset manager Grayscale.

CEO of Time Magzine, Michael Sonnenschein announced these upcoming videos. According to Sonnenschein, the videos will be released in 2021 summer.

Equally as important, Keith Grossman And Time agreed to be paid in Bitcoin – and will hold the $BTC on their balance sheet.

The magazine will not convert the BTC to fiat and will hold BTC on its the balance sheet. The magazine did not disclose other details.


Earlier, TIME posted a senior position vacancy for a CFO who understands “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency”.

“The media industry is undergoing a rapid evolution. TIME is looking for a chief financial officer who can help transform TIME, ” the job description says.

TIME will become the 33rd publicly traded company to hold Bitcoin on its balance sheet. According to the data, the list is headed by MicroStrategy (91,579 BTC). Next are electric car manufacturer Tesla (48,000 BTC) and payment company Square (8027 BTC).

Merchant token ico

Recall that in March 2021, TIME sold three of its covers as Non Fungible tokens for 241 ETH on the SuperRare marketplace.

Read details: Time Magazine To Sell Three Covers As NFT And Plans To Accept Crypto For Digital Subscriptions

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