THETA Is Backed by Google, Samsung and Binance, Says Popular Analyst

THETA Is Backed by Google, Samsung and Binance, Says Popular Analyst

Crypto influencer and trader Lark Davis, in a new video is backing decentralized video delivery network Theta. He briefs over all the developments of the platform and probable price growth.

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Theta is currently preparing for a huge upgrade called Theta V3, which will be released on 30th June. Although it was once delayed before, this upgrade will bring in new features like NFT’s.

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He says it is a pretty cool protocol as the users will get paid in tokens for just watching content they like. That is because it operates by using unused internet upload bandwidth and rewards people providing that with T Fuel tokens.

“By creating a peer to peer network that shares resources Theta enables more consistent rate of platform performance as well,”

The analyst further says, because Theta was born from Ethereum, its ledger offers a smart contract platform that is compatible with Ethereum virtual machines. Enabling transfer of Ethereum based contracts to Theta.

Davis further informs the platform’s great accomplishment is, it has Google, Samsung, and Binance, and other big companies actually operate nodes running the Theta network, they use enterprise Validators nodes.

“That’s damn damn big deal, not many blockchains can boast about something like that”.

He further notes other great features Theta has, like an aggregated signature gossip scheme, which reduces messaging complexity between nodes. One more feature is the resource-oriented payment pool which allows users to create micropayment pools and reward the creators for their content.

Conclusively he says, Theta is a unique blockchain, performing well from the time of its incubation. It has made it to the top 10 on the charts, with some really big partners on board. Hence it is rational for investors/traders to keep it on the radar.

At the time of writing, Theta is trading at $13.18 with a market cap of 968.5B.

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