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The Road To Alonzo Continues-IOHK Launched The Cardano Alonzoblue2.0 Testnet

Input Output (IOHK) Hong Kong announced on Twitter that it has launched the Cardano AlonzoBlue2.0 testnet.


AlonzoBlue1.0 was launched late last month. AlonzoBlue is part of a series of updates that will bring smart contract capabilities to the blockchain and enable the development of decentralized applications on the Cardano Network.

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It is released in three stages: first blue, then white and purple over time period of 90 days. AlonzoBlue is expected to be completed by the end of August.

The Alonzo update will eventually support an ERC20 converter that will allow the Ethereum based tokens to run on Cardano.

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IOHK Writes:

“It is still early code. But this is a crucial building block. This release brings with it the important CLI upgrade. Providing the foundations to build all varieties of smart contract applications further down the line.

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Smart Txs enable a user to associate Tx meta-data on-chain and store executable contract data. This opens up the Smart Contracts era on Cardano for our first SPOs and Pioneers to start sending & testing simple smart transactions (Tx) to the Ledger via the Node Alonzo.

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AlonzoBlue SPOs now have 24 hours to update their nodes before running their first test scripts tomorrow. Thanks as ever to ALL the community. The road to Alonzo continues.”

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