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The New Digitex Spot Exchange Is Live

We’re thrilled to announce that, after much anticipation, the new Digitex spot exchange is officially live and open for business. Traders can now buy DGTX instantly and securely straight from our exchange without having to go to a third party platform. This will optimize the trading experience when time is of the essence, save traders from paying trading and withdrawal fees elsewhere, and streamline the new user onboarding process, among other benefits.

All in One Exchange

Our zero-fee spot markets also mean that traders on the exchange can choose to convert their earnings into stablecoin USDC if they wish without leaving the exchange. This will be especially attractive to traders with larger positions looking to avoid the volatility of holding their earnings in cryptocurrencies like DGTX. 

Another huge advantage of the spot markets is that it opens our doors to a wider net of users. Digitex is no longer just a futures exchange but a place where spot traders can place as many trades and transactions as they like without incurring a single fee. They can also withdraw their funds completely free of charge unlike any other cryptocurrency exchange on the market.

We’re starting out with six trading pairs — DGTX/BTC, DGTX/ETH, ETH/BTC, BTC/USDC, ETH/USDC, DGTX/USDC — and will be gradually adding more according to demand. 

We’re excited about this significant upgrade to the Digitex exchange for several other reasons as well. The convenience of trading spot and futures from one universal trading wallet with no KYC requirement makes for a superlative UX, which is something, as you probably know, that our CEO Adam has always been tirelessly obsessed about!

“We want to offer our traders an experience they won’t find anywhere else. So not only have we removed ALL fees, zero trading and zero withdrawal fees, but we’ve also really improved our UX and UI on this latest release. By allowing traders to trade cryptocurrencies and futures from one universal wallet, they can interact with our markets in a faster and more convenient way,” Adam enthused. 

“The overall trading experience on Digitex is totally optimized, allowing traders to walk away with real profit. That’s what it’s all about, delivering real value to users.” 

The Evolution of Digitex

The launching of our spot markets marks the latest evolution for Digitex as we expand our user base and improve our exchange constantly — without losing sight of what makes us so special. Digitex, with its unique zero-fee model that uses the DGTX token for all interactions on the exchange, is the only platform that enables high-frequency trading strategies. With the hefty commissions on fee-charging exchanges, taking advantage of small price movements through scalping is simply impossible.

Digitex provides a true zero-fee trading experience creating the most optimal environment for traders to generate and, more importantly, keep their profits. The Digitex matching engine has been battle-hardened on live markets with thousands of real users through extreme BTC volatility since 2019 and has proved itself capable of handling over 22 billion contracts in a 24-hour period — on the crypto industry’s first and only single-click ladder interface.

“You’ve all witnessed my rollercoaster experience trying to develop this platform,” Adam said candidly. “It’s been challenging yet also extremely rewarding. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is that my most prized possession is the team I have now. I wouldn’t trade them in for anything. I’m really happy that we’re delivering the high-quality spot exchange at just the start of Q2, because there’s so much more to come for the remainder of the year.” 

Liquidity Mining

Our Liquidity Mining program in which we pay traders to act as market makers on our exchange, means that, in addition to making trading gains, we actually pay them while they trade. With unfilled orders, traders are lending liquidity to Digitex’s markets, and keeping our spread tight. 

In exchange for this, we take a snapshot of the order book every minute at a random time, and distribute up to 290 DGTX rewards proportionally to those traders whose unmatched orders are the closest to the spot price at that time. This amounts to a massive 417,600 DGTX paid out daily!

Currently, Digitex traders collectively make over $10,000 worth of DGTX daily through the Liquidity Mining program. Each spot market will pay traders 25 DGTX per minute, which comes to 36,000 DGTX per day per spot market, click this link to learn more about the program, and read the following article on our blog to get started with bot trading to maximize your liquidity mining rewards.

Additional Features

With the upgrade to, we’ll soon be adding another new feature to the exchange that allows users to instantly send crypto to any email address without paying fees. The receiving users don’t even have to have a Digitex account to receive money! 

We’re making it as simple as possible to trade, earn, and send crypto, and we’re looking forward to seeing you on the new exchange! Sign up for an account now and get started right away on the only platform built with its users’ interests in mind.

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