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The Concept of Provably Fair Bitcoin Betting

If you’ve been into online crypto gambling for a while, then you must be aware of the exciting benefits which come with betting with crypto. There are a variety of coins you can use to bet, which include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin amongst others. However, not all crypto casinos simply pride themselves on the advantages, there are some sites that are also particular about the fairness and integrity of the games they offer.

A casino stating that it operates fair gameplay and gamers should simply trust this is one thing; whereas having a gambling code audited to be fair by a 3rd party is another thing, though such 3rd party must be trusted, and the gambling company must not have manipulated the outcome by altering their Random Number Generator (RNG) after the audit.

The Concept of Provably Fair

Since transitioning into digital/computer-styled casino machines, it’s also required that the trust levels between operators and consumers be enhanced. This is why the concept of provably fair betting has come about, it is basically a system that completes the trust circle between clients and operators. With the information that is explained in this text, a user can easily judge whether the outcome of bets has been fair.

How Does the Provably Fair System Work?

It is important to understand these terms:

  • The Server Seed: This is controlled by the crypto casino. In order to produce it, a public hash of it gets shown out, that’s a string of characters displayed to the public without showing the private keys. With every generation of events, this seed stays constant.
  • The User Seed: This is controlled by the customer and the user can manipulate this seed. Since the code can be manipulated by the user in the way their preferred manner, this is the basis of how a Bitcoin casino can ensure the fairness of their games.
  • Nonce: This term describes the bet number that is occurring in bet strings 

When a Server Seed and a User Seed combine, the combination is known as a Seed Pair.

So how does Provably Fair System work? How it works is that for every bet, there’s a combination of the Server Seed and the User seed and begin at Nonce #1. In placing a subsequent bet, there’s a combination of both the same Server seed and User seed to Nonce #2. The method gets repeated continuously till both the Server seeds and User seeds get altered by the Bitcoin gambler.

It’s when new server and user seeds are created for two reasons that the magic happens. The first being, as previously stated is due to the fact that the user could select their own user seeds; while the second is due to the fact that upon the generation of a new server, the private key to the former server seed gets released and each bet along the Nonce of the betting string can be shown. Hence, the Bitcoin gambler can be aware of each bet already made prior to that time but will be unaware of upcoming bets. This is because the current private key of the server’s seed is not yet released, but rather the households it till the creation of another Server seed and User seed again.

How Do Bitcoin Casino Players use Provably Fair?

Usually, the majority of players receive the original seed pair that the website provides them with initially. Since many crypto casinos honestly provide provably fair bitcoin games, this is okay, though to be careful, you can always select at least partly, for yourself random Client seeds.

Practically, certain users prefer to be sure that the casinos are honest and carry out a verification of the outcomes of the RNG received over certain seed pairs previously made use of. This ensures that websites stick to honesty since provably fair sites know that some of their customers further go on to verify the outcome of bets, then it would be unwise of such bitcoin casino to provide untruthful outcomes to their customers. This is a feature that casinos that are not provably fair do not provide.

Also, many players, prefer changing Seed Pairs in order to alter what their fates might have been. Immediately a Seed Pair moves, every future Nonce values of Seed Pairs are static and can’t be altered. So, the course gets fixed. The usual reasons why some casino gamblers prefer changing to new Sees Pairs include:

  • A certain Seed Pair has not been so lucky
  • A Seed Pair has been continually lucky but in order to avoid running out of luck, the player wishes to change it
  • Other gamblers prefer to start each session with new Seed Pairs

Regardless of your preferred reason, you have the option of either staying the route given or altering the outcome of your prospective gambling results. Though, this is an innovation that is exclusive to players on provably fair casinos. For others that are non-provably fair, players have to accept the results and do not have any ways of confirming the fairness nor changing the prospective reality of the outcome.

Final Thoughts

With a large range of possibilities provided by the internet, you should always take the best opportunities out there. These include getting games that offer low house edges and also games that are provably fair.

With low house edge games, you can easily beat the house. Some Bitcoin game edges are really low and range between 1%-2%. You can find such games with low house edges on some of the Bitcoin Casinos we have recommended in the link at the top of the text.

The other amazing feature, the one we have explained to you in this text is that on Provably Fair Betting.  With the state of things, over 75% of casino games are not provably fair, so with the little minority of provably fair games, if you do not take advantage of this, you are only shortchanging yourself. Therefore, now that you understand the concept of provably fair bitcoin betting, the odds can truly favour you when next you wish to bet as you know the outcome is also determined by you.

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