SuperRare NFT Marketplace - Home Of The Rarest?

SuperRare NFT Marketplace – Home Of The Rarest?

NFT art sales have been off the charts lately, as more and more people realize that digital art is the future. This has resulted in increased traffic and activity on the NFT marketplaces. But like everything else, they are built in a different way. SuperRare in particular caters to a more mature and sophisticated clientele.

It’s called SuperRare for a reason. That’s because it relies on auction, exclusivity and curated art pieces from renowned artists. It’s not your average NFT marketplace. Rather it deals in unique, single-edition digital art. Every art piece is from an artist in the network and cryptographically verifiable.

Marketplace - SuperRare
Marketplace – SuperRare

This is exactly why SuperRare advertises itself as Instagram meets Christies. It basically brings art and culture into the digital NFT world! Similar to most NFT infrastructure, they built it on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides networking services and usage only requires linking the platform with an Ethereum wallet.

The platform is in the early stages and isn’t fully deployed yet. Consequently, it currently sources art from a few handpicked artists. Interested artists can apply through the website. They plan to fully launch it by next year.

SuperRare Commission And Royalty Program

SuperRare is famous for its commissions and royalty program. The platform charges 3% fees on every transaction from the buyer as marketplace fees. Also, there is a 15% commission fee for primary sales on the platform, while creators receive 85%. In case of secondary sales, creators receive a 10% commission fee or royalty.

This is the most revolutionary aspect of this NFT marketplace, as it guarantees artists a part of the commission from the continuous sales of the artwork. It brings a key function of the traditional art market into the digital realm. Because of its integration with Smart-Contracts, this technology comes to life.

Activity - SuperRare
Activity – SuperRare

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