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Sunny LU VeChain CEO: What VeChain Is Offering To Different Level Of “Developers”

Vechain is doing great in China and it progress is running as Vechain is adopted by large China companies and Municipal governments.

More recently Suzhou City Launched “Changan Code” Based On Vechain Toolchain Covering More Than 300,000 Local Residents.

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The news was highly admired by vechain community and it was aired on Xinhua which is the official state-run press agency of China. Xinhua is the biggest and most influential media organization in China, as well as the largest news agency in the world in terms of worldwide correspondents.


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On in a series of recent tweets Sunny LU CEO of VeChain has expressed his thoughts on What VeChain is offering to different level of “developers”:

Level 0: Public Blockchain – Blockchain Tech, opensource, and you can build whatever you want to build with loads of cool features like MPP, MTT, Controllable TXs Lifecycle, TXs Dependency and etc.

Level 1: VeChain BaaS – Enterprise level developers and professional team who can keep Blockchain work as a service but just use it with dedicated APIs. You can choose existing smart contract or ask for dedicated one for you only.

Level 2: VeChain PaaS – Developers who is focus on front end business logic and look forward to have low-code development environment to realize the new business process on the back end using Blockchain. It will save lots of time and cost to start with Blockchain.

Level 3: SaaS – Business uses with even 0 knowledge of technical development. You can directly use digital products built on VeChain Blockchain, and which are coming from your partners like DNV, PwC, and etc. with their business expertise to solve the real issue!”



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