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S&P Dow Jones Launches Bitcoin and Ethereum Indices

S&P Dow Jones Indices, a division of US financial data provider S&P Global, has launched indices based on Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Products under the S&P DJI brand use data and calculation methodology from the New York firm Luka. The companies agreed to cooperate in December 2020.

The S&P Digital Market Indices measure the performance of digital assets listed on recognized open exchanges.

The index series includes the following:

S&P Bitcoin Index: The index measures the performance of Bitcoin.

S&P Ethereum Index: The index measures the performance of Ethereum.

S&P Crypto Mega Cap Index: The index measures the performance of Bitcoin and Ethereumdigital assets.


S&P Bitcoin Index: SPBTC

S&P Ethereum Index: SPETH

S&P Crypto Mega Cap Index: SPCMC

Indexes are calculated in points, not in US dollars. According to S&P representative Ray McConville, instead of the actual cost, they reflect the increase in prices.

The data is calculated on business days. They will be available by subscription for the service’s customers. Rebalancing is performed quarterly.

The tools will compete with their counterparts from Bloomberg and Galaxy.

How the Launch of S&P Dow Jones Crypto Indices will Change the Bitcoin Industry is yet to be seen.

Recall that in December 2020, CBOE announced the creation of cryptocurrency indices.

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