SolChicks- The Best Play-to-Earn Game on Solana.

SolChicks are highly customizable based on the primary and secondary stats that your character possesses. These stats are crucial because they determine your SolChick’s health and damage output as well as their power levels. Stats can improve through NFT attributes/items, which can be bought and sold. Once you have leveled up your SolChick to a certain Progression level, you will be able to unlock classes, and at a higher Endgame level, enter the Masteries to increase your power levels even further. These customizations are designed so that players have a unique and fun experience the more they play!

The SolChicks gameplay includes a variety of features that allow players the chance to bond with their SolChicks. Our unique pet gameplay means that players can interact with their SolChick in many ways, and depending on how you do it, this can bring about benefits or losses. Feeding and playing with your SolChick, or your lack of doing so, will affect your battle ability positively or adversely, so it is vital to keep your SolChick well-fed. Another exclusive feature is SolChick breeding — a special privilege for users whose SolChicks have reached Level 45 at Progression Level tier. This process allows players to potentially hatch a SolChick with rarer attributes than its’ parents at an in-game cost.

The full details of how to interact with your SolChick and other breeding rules can be found in the paper. Remember, the more you know, the better chance you have of beating the SolFox!

As SolChicks sits at the intersection between the gaming and NFT economy it needs to set in place strong incentives for players, investors, and collectors. There will only be 10,000 mints of the Origin SolChicks NFT, meaning only a limited number of people will be allowed to play initially. To combat this issue, we allow NFT owners to stake their SolChicks, i.e letting others borrow your NFT, and also allowing unlimited SolChicks to be created (more on this in the paper). There will be a cost to both these mechanisms as well as breeding to preserve the scarcity and, in turn, the value of SolChicks.

The features mentioned above are only some of the multitudes of ways SolChicks will revolutionize the NFT gaming ecosystem. As we march on towards the frontier of this space, we want our players to understand the full extent of the intricate gameplay so they can truly enjoy what SolChicks has to offer.




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