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Social media Upgraded by Uhive

In these modern days, social media is around and with us every day and every night: 24/7, nonstop. And its influence and power as a marketing tool are growing all the time exponentially.

I happened to be amongst the first 100.000 joiners in the Uhive social media application, so I wanted to write a little about it.

Uhive is a beautiful creation of their team over five years in the making, and their vision is crystal clear and ambitious beyond anything I have seen for a long time. There are reasons and demands for Uhive without any second thoughts.

In traditional social media channels, looking for specific topics or areas of interest can be quite challenging. Still, in Uhive, the problem is solved by users’ areas of interest, divided into 26 different sections. Simple as that, and it is working.

And Zuckerberg is the world’s 3rd richest man (at least the time I’m writing this). No wonder monetization and utilizing users’ data is the primary goal of most social networks to achieve the best of the corporates’ target advertising. There is no reward for content creators, no matter how famous or successful those posts might be. You Shakespeare there on Facebook or twitter, Uhive is a game changer for you and your talent. It pays a revenue share to you, depending on how popular you and your posts are, and every moment you interact and use your Uhive app.

Uhive is a patent-pending new social experience, with a built-in digital economy within its users and space. Digital assets ( uhive token ) are stored in-app wallet, and you can use, buy, transfer them as you wish. Sounds incredible, right? Yes, and it is.

I think their business model is that users share 30% advertising revenue. Impressive. There is a lot of Space to Uhive grow. And it is all about spaces. You have spaces that have location and value, such as real-estates in the real world. And there are still spaces left for you in every interest area. There is plenty of time to be an influencer in this New Era social media channel. It is still fresh in the market, but its growth will be inevitable.

At the early age of YouTube, the first people there made millions, just because they were amongst the first YouTubers, and their channels are still making money for years to come. Now it can be your time to break it through for Real.

Based on blockchain technology, Uhive will introduce a lot more updates and new features regularly, and it is fascinating to participate in their progress.

The application itself is very simplified and easy to use. Surfing between areas is easy, and you can comment, like, share, and post your content with few clicks. You can see most visited spaces, find friends, switch between the free world and civilized world ( coming soon ) in the menu section effortlessly. You can name and rename your own spaces whenever you want, and creating or buying one is not limited. Its called freedom.

To make to start easy, you can bring your Instagram or Facebook content to Uhive. Posting and interacting in this ambitious social media world is everything, and you can feel it. YouTube links, Music files, videos, and photos are installed to your space stream fast, and after few test runs, you are podcasting like a pro. You can also add text to any content you want, or edit it later on.

Honestly, I’m am an old school guy, but I have not been so intrigued since I first time saw colored TV back in the day. I hope I haven’t irritated anyone who has seen me posting a little bit too anxiously, it most probably has been the case, and I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

When writing this, over 1,5 million active users, over 47.000 purchased spaces, and over 58.000 names or brands reserved. I just received 551 tokens for my activity yesterday. I’m happy to get a notification for that, and I’m aiming to purchase a new popular space in the fashion space.

If you don’t have heard of Uhive, now it is time to give it a try. I am more than happy to provide you with my invitation link here, and we both get Uhive tokens in exchange. Click the picture below and join Uhive now.

Time to wake up your inner podcaster. Go and Get it, Conan.

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