March 31 Daily report: BTC on the verge of 10% technical retracement, Ripple to Acquire 40% Stake, Chainlink’s Hackathon offers 5K, VeChain Technicals Spell Trouble for the Bulls and Cardano ($ADA) Wallet ‘Daedalus’ Now Allows Sending and Receiving Native Tokens
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Ripple To Acquire 40% Stake In Asia

BTC on the verge of 10% technical retracement

Bitcoin has for some time been stuck in a narrow range between $58,000 and $59,500. Attempts to hit highs above $60,000 have been thwarted. At the time of writing, BTC is teetering at $58,700 while facing a bearish building momentum. For instance, the bellwether cryptocurrency is likely to slide by over 10% and revisit the lows slightly under $53,000 if the technical pattern is confirmed.

Ripple to Acquire 40% Stake in Asia Cross-Border Payments Firm Tranglo

According to Ripple, since Tranglo’s inception, the payments firm had already processed over 20 million transactions that have totalled $4 billion in value. Based in Malaysia, Tranglo offers cross-border transactions in a faster, cheaper, and more secure manner. Ripple aims to continue transforming cross-border transactions and making them faster, cheaper, and more secure with blockchain technology and its bridge currency XRP.

Chainlink’s Hackathon offers $125K in bounties, LINK going to $100

With a start date of March 15th, The Spring 2021 Chainlink Virtual Hackathon records more than 3,500 participants. According to an official post, the participants are “building the next generation of smart contracts”. The event will end on April 11th. However, those who wish to claim the $125,000 will have until today to register and qualified for the $125,000 bounties.

Ripple to acquire

VeChain Technicals Spell Trouble for the Bulls

VeChain is down over 10% from its recent high of nearly $0.10. The price action seen since the beginning of the year suggests that VET is poised to retrace to $0.06 before it bounces back. VeChain posted massive gains throughout March, rising by nearly 150%. The coin opened the monthly trading session at a low of $0.04 and surged to a new high of nearly $0.10 in Mar. 22.

Cardano ($ADA) Wallet ‘Daedalus’ Now Allows Sending and Receiving Native Tokens

Cardano’s full-node wallet “Daedalus” has had a significant upgrade with several cool new features, the most important of which is allowing users to send and receive native tokens (i.e. not just the ADA token). When using native tokens, transaction fees are paid in ADA, and some ADA  needs to be sent with every transaction for network protection against attacks.

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