Reef Finance Integrates NFTify on its Blockchain Platform

In an important collaboration, Reef Finance integrated NFTify on its blockchain ecosystem, Reef Chain. This will pave the way for NFT stores on NFTify to create the store on the blockchain ecosystem of Reef. In other words, this coming together will open up a new world of possibilities as DeFi services can now be accessed by potential customers in both a centralized and decentralized manner.

NFTify has carved the place for itself thanks to its distinctive ability that equip clients which the capability of creating an NFT store on its platform. And now, with the added advantage of Reef Chain on its side, the users can leverage the opportunity of having an additional store on the Reef Ecosystem. This means users now have the convenience of access to two platforms, and the best part is the cost-effectiveness of the process. As fees charged by Reef is ultra-competitive, clients need not break their banks to find and utilize the space on the Reef.

Reef Finance Integrates NFTify on its Blockchain Platform

In addition, this union will also make sure that the diversity of the services that can be accessed by the users is going to be larger than before. What’s more, users can now utilize the REEF Grant and recover part of the fees they incurred during their transaction on the Reef ecosystem.

To support the implementation, NFTify will act as a bridge to facilitate the transfer of its native token from its platform to the Reef’s ecosystem. Reef will facilitate the grant to the users of NFTify. The partnership is expected to benefit users in terms of the fast transaction capabilities and highly scalable credentials of Reef.

Reef Finance Integrates NFTify on its Blockchain Platform

It will be interesting to witness how this new association will be received by users of both communities, especially the one belonging to the NFTify. There is no doubt that users of NFTify are expected to gain a lot from this union, which will help the entire domain of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to expand its wings further far and wide.

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