Reddit Is Selling Three Unique “CryptoSnoos” NFTs Built On ETH Blockchain

Reddit social networks giant is auctioning a very limited number of Non Fungible tokens (NFT) built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Three unique NFT “CryptosSnoo” built on the Ethereum are being sold by Reddit. The sale is open on the NFT OpenSea platform and closes on July 1.

Named “Cryptosnoos”, Reddit NFT collection, presents the Snoo alien mascot. A Snoo was originally created as a doodle, but after several changes became the alien mascot of Reddit.

Three NFT Cryptosnoos are given the names of Original Block, Helium and Snooprematic.

Reddit unique NFT sale

Three NFT are currently sold on the NFT OpenSea platform, and their auction ends on July 1.

The Original Block NFT is created with Reddit’s characteristic Snoo caricature. It reflects early days of Reddit and Reddit culture because of its similarity with the original version of Snoo, said Reddit.


According to Reddit, the helium NFT is associated with the movement of contemporary art due to its reference to the popular culture and everyday subjects that are blue and glittering.

On the other hand, Snooprematic NFT consists of geometric shapes, such as squares, circles and rectangles presented in various colors.

Reddit says that when someone buys Cryptosnoo NFT and connects it with his Reddit account, the image of Cryptosnoo will become its Reddit avatar, and the NFT collection card will appear in its profile.  In addition, they will also receive an animated glow in their comments to let everyone know that they are the owner of Cryptosnoo NFT. The owners will also be able to sell their NFT to someone else if they want.

The current highest rate for the original Block NFT is one wrapped Ethereum (wETH) that is about $1900; For helium, it is 0.52 wETH (about 1000 US dollars); And for Snooprematic, the current highest rate is 0.58 wETH (about 1,100 US dollars).

Running forward, Reddit plans to sell more NFT, which will have epic and rare tags. NFT with EPIC tag will be “extremely limited edition,” said Reddit, while the rare NFT tag will be “limited edition”.


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