QuipuSwap: the first Uniswap-like DEX on Tezos launches on the mainnet
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QuipuSwap: the first Uniswap-like DEX on Tezos launches on the mainnet

The Madfish team has announced the QuipuSwap (https://quipuswap.com/) DEX launch. This open-source AMM protocol provides an interface for the seamless exchange of Tezos-based tokens and XTZ. In other words, you may add or trade any FA1.2 or FA2 standard tokens without limitations.

QuipuSwap is driven by security, decentralization, and scalability principles. It serves as a standalone project, and at the same time, as an indispensable tool for the future DeFi solutions developed on the Tezos blockchain.

The external security audit was conducted by LeastAuthority, the company that published audit reports for Ethereum, Metamask, and Tezos projects

What QuipuSwap proposes to the community:

  • Add any arbitrary token-XTZ pair and create your own Liquidity Pools
  • Exchange tokens instantly
  • Earn profit from both swaps and baker’s rewards.
  • Elect trustworthy delegates and ban unreliable ones.
  • Build and utilize Tezos dApps easier with the QuipuSwap solutions.


QuipuSwap is a great entry point for new DeFi solutions on Tezos. Projects may integrate the QuipuSwap functionality, create liquidity pools for project tokens and start trading instantly. At the same time, XTZ holders get an opportunity to earn more from baking and trading fees. More about Quipuswap features and how this DEX works under the hood you may read on their official blog at https://www.madfish.solutions/blog/.

About Company

Madfish.solutions is a blockchain development company that creates open-source projects for the Tezos DeFi ecosystem. Some of the existing projects are Temple wallet (https://templewallet.com/) and Sol2Ligo (https://madfish-solutions.github.io/sol2ligo/).

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