‘Popularity of NFTs Shows People Are Ready to Work With Crypto’ — The Week in Quotes

‘Popularity of NFTs Shows People Are Ready to Work With Crypto’ — The Week in Quotes

This week in quotes, BeInCrypto looks at several key topics related to the cryptocurrency market.

This past week was an important time for the cryptocurrency markets. As it saw the launch of the Coinbase public listing on the Nasdaq. The move is a step in the right direction as cryptocurrencies look to become more legitimate and user friendly.

This week saw some key figures in the industry discussing their thoughts on mass adoption, central bank digital currencies, NFTs, and accepting bitcoin in the future.

“As the largest and most public-facing American crypto business, Coinbase’s listing brings further publicity and legitimacy to the entire industry. Coinbase acts as a gateway to crypto for many retail investors, and the goal for DeFi projects is to now convert that attention into users,” Rachid Ajaja, CEO and co-founder of AllianceBlock, on Coinbase IPO .

“I believe technology is constantly evolving, and the technology that they’re using currently might become outdated. It might even hinder further technological innovation,” Kazushige Kamiyama, head of the BOJ payment systems department, on digital yuan .

“NFT tokens have gained such popularity because they’re easy for users to understand. They understand what they’re buying and what its value is. That’s what’s usually missing when one thinks about whether or not to invest in cryptocurrency. The popularity of NFT tokens shows that people are ready and willing to work with cryptocurrency.” Alexander Althausen, CEO of StormGain, on NFTs .

“We’re very excited to use the proceeds of this auction to help further our work developing and improving technology that can protect journalists and their sources, like SecureDrop, our open-source whistleblower submission system,” Trevor Timm, Freedom of the Press Foundation executive director, on Edward Snowden auctioning an NFT called “Stay Free” on the Foundation platform.

“The appearance of global spikes in government debts or inflation concerns further increase the importance of gold in national strategy as a safe-haven asset and as a store of value,” Hungary’s central bank on the gold market .

“A digital euro can only be successful if it meets the needs of Europeans. We will do our best to ensure that a digital euro meets the expectations of citizens highlighted in the public consultation,” Fabio Panetta, ECB Executive Board member, speaking about a digital euro .

“With the strong support of the DeFi community, strategic advisors and partners onboard, we can provide exposure to reputable projects in the DeFi space while offering the best APY options for our ecosystem participants.” Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki, Middle East-based Sheesha Finance founder, on raising almost $10 million in just two weeks .

“We need to make sure that the conventional wisdom that is wrong about the illicit use of bitcoin (BTC) doesn’t hold us back from pushing forward the technological changes that are going to allow us to keep pace with China,” Michael Morrell, former acting Director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), on the use of bitcoin for illicit finance .
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