Play to Earn: Make Money Playing Axie Infinity

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In this game, you collect monsters known as Axies and battle them with other players’ Axies. As a player, you can collect Axies, buy them, breed them, or fight with them vs other players. Future gameplay will allow utilization of these Axies in other types of gameplay.

This is part 2 of our article series that introduces ‘Play to Earn’ and why such a concept exists. Part 1 is the ‘Play to Earn’ introduction. While part 2 covers the actual “how  to” make money playing the blockchain game Axie Infinity. I recommend reading part 1 to understand the value of playing this game.

How to Get Started Playing Axie Infinity:

Axie Infinity is a game built on the blockchain and each Axie is a non-fungible token or NFT. As an NFT, each Axie is unique; no two of them are the same. Because of the blockchain, it is impossible to duplicate them.

Axie Infinity is the poster child of blockchain games and ‘Play to Earn’ – a new game model wherein players are rewarded by simply spending time playing the game.

The onboarding takes time. But if you have read Part 1 of this series, you know it will be worth it.

  1. Install Metamask
    1. Do not forget your password and seedphrase
  2. Fund your metamask with some Ether; 
    1. You can buy Ether on your favorite crypto exchange then transfer that to MetaMask.
  3. Go to Axie Infinity Marketplace and register;
  4. Sync your MetaMask with your Axie Infinity Account
  5. Bind your account to an email;
  6. Transfer funds to Ronin Wallet (Again, this appears complicated but you can see this option immediately in the dashboard. I can’t show it because I’ve already done it.)
  7. Select 3 Axies. Buy Them; (For newbies, get a “Plant”, “Beast”, and “Aqua” Axies. More on Axie classes later.)
  8. Install the Axie Infinity Community Alpha on your phone. You can also play on the desktop.
  9. If you are playing on the phone, scan the QR code you can find on the dashboard (available on desktop)
  10. Play!

Things to Know:

Axies have 4 stats: 

  • Health  – If it goes to zero, the Axie gets knocked out
  • Morale  – This increases the chances for a critical strike. When Axies get knocked out by the slimmest margins, they can enter “Last Stand” where they can attack a few more times before they get totally KO’d. Morale increases the chance to enter Last Stand and the number of times they can attack in that state.
  • Skill – This adds damage when the Axie does a combo (play multiple cards at once)
  • Speed – This determines turn order, who gets to attack first.

Axies also have classes (like Pokemon Types). So each class is weaker or stronger versus another class. The class also adds bonuses:

  • Plant: 3 HP + 1 Morale
  • Aqua: 3 Speed + 1 HP
  • Reptile: 3 HP + 1 Speed
  • Beast: 3 Morale+1 Speed
  • Bug: 3 Morale + 1 HP
  • Bird: 3 Speed + 1 Morale

Take a look at the Class Triangle System here:

Battle Mechanics:

The game is turn-based. Your objective is to knock the other player’s party out. Once you select your cards (moves) then click the “Ready” Button, the battle begins. 

What is the Ideal Best Axie Team?

For your first strong Axie team, it is ideal to have a team that has 1 defender and 2 attackers. The defender has large health that can act as sponge while your attackers (which normally have low HP) can start knocking the other team’s Axies.

In the picture above, I put the defender in front, obviously. 

The ideal Axie team recommended in the community is a team that consist of 

  • 1 PLANT Axie (high HP, but low Attack power)
  • 1 BEAST Axie (High Crit and Attack, low HP)
  • 1 BIRD AXIE (High Attack and Very Fast, But has Paper HP)

The above is a very balanced team and the Axie marketplace has a lot of these types of Axies, making them ideal for beginners.

(The above picture is my Axie team, and I run a PLANT, BEAST, PLANT team setup.) 

What to keep in mind: Card Descriptions, Buffs and Debuffs

If you check the card above, there’s a description: “Draw a card if target is at Last Stand” You may ask what is Last Stand (scroll up, I mentioned it). When you play Axie Infinity every day, you’ll eventually familiarize yourself with terms associated with the game. 

Also consider the buffs and debuffs applied to your Axie when they are hit by an attack. (Thanks to Axie Zone!)


Icon Buff Description
Attack Up Next Attack is increased by 20%. Can stack.
Speed Up The Axie’s speed increases by 20% in the next round. Can stack.
Morale Up The Axie’s morale increases by 20% in the next round. Can stack. (Morale increases the chance for critical hit or Last Stand)


How do you earn money?

You might have probably jumped to this part of the article, and that’s okay. As mentioned, here are a couple of ways players earned while playing Axie Infinity:

Every time you win battles, you earn SLP, which can be converted to Pesos.

  1. Go to Axie Infinity Web Dashboard
  2. Sync your SLP
  3. Transfer SLP which is on the Ronin Wallet back to Ethereum wallet (MetaMask). Make sure you have some Ether to fund the transfer
  4. Go to BloomX Facebook page and tell them you would like to encash your SLP to Pesos. (Check out this article for the step by step to convert SLP to cash.)

(Note SLP earned today can only be synced or cashed out after 12 days. The developers said this is to prevent bots.)

Selling to BloomX means you get the cash straight to your Gcash or bank account.

You can also start breeding Axies to sell to others. (More on this below.)

Let’s focus on farming SLP for now.

How much do you earn?

The best investment in Axie Infinity is time. Even if you are not a skilled player, you can still earn and of course, skill is something you can learn along the way. 

The game has daily quests. Complete them and receive 50 SLP daily:

  • Open the game once a day
  • Win 10 times in Adventure Mode
  • Win 5 times in the Arena (This is PVP)

In the lower levels of Adventure mode (from stage 1 to 10), you can receive 1 SLP to 4 SLP. You can try out harder stages depending on your Axies’ levels and they give more SLP. Completing stage 1 to 10 in Adventure mode can give  you at least 25 SLP (or more).

Winning in the lower ranks in Arena mode (PvP) can give you atleast 3 to 7 SLP. In higher rankings, you can get more. Winning 5 times in the Arena can give you atleast 35 SLP

Axie Infinity Quest Ave. SLP earned
1) Daily Log-in
2) Win 10 battles in Adventure Mode 25 to 100 SLP
3) Win 5x in the Arena (PVP) atleast 35 SLP in lower rankings
Reward for finishing the three daily quests 50 SLP
Average SLP Earned Per Day 100 to 200 SLP

Average SLP Earnings in Axie Infinity Arena depending on your ranking:

Rank SLP
Under 800 No SLP gained
800 to 999 1 SLP per win
1000 to 1999 3 SLP per win
1200 to 1299 7 SLP per win
1300 to 1599 8 SLP per win
1600 to 1799 9 SLP per win
1800 to 1999 10 SLP per win
2000 to 2199 11 SLP per win
2200+ 12 SLP per win

If you complete the 3 daily quests, you will receive 50 SLP as a reward.

Which means completing the daily quests per day can give  you 110 SLP per day. (If you’re Axie’s level in adventure mode is high, you can easily earn up to 100 SLP in 10 games, giving you a minimum of 150 SLP per day including the daily bonus.)

Let’s say you get 100 SLP per day. 

Let’s look at the price of SLP at the time this article was written:

In Philippine Pesos, that’s Php 4 per 1 SLP.

If I play Axie Infinity today and received 100 SLP as a reward, that’s Php 400.

I would like to remind you that’s more than the average minimum salary in the Philippines

Update: May 2021 (SLP has been rebranded to “Smooth Love Potion”. SLP are needed to breed new Axies, so that’s why…) 

Also, This is the price of SLP (May 2021):

That’s almost Php 12 per 1 SLP. Therefore, 100 SLP x 12 = Php 1,200 earnings per day. 

That’s WAY beyond the average minimum salary in the Philippines.

Crazy! But what’s the catch?

Just like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the price of SLP is volatile. Today it’s Php 4, next week it might be Php 2 or Php 11, who knows. The tip here is to time your cash out on days when SLP is priced higher. If you want the cash out to be on the same date every month, that’s also okay.

Also, and this is more important: SLP earned today can’t be cashed out until after 12 days. It’s a complicated story, but that’s how the Axie Infinity team tries to make sure the SLP economy is balanced.

Do YOU REALLY earn money?

An article from Coindesk by Leah Callon-Butler revealed that many Filipinos that were jobless during the lockdown were earning close to $300 – $400 in a month playing Axie Infinity. This might mean nothing in the west but in the Philippines, that’s more than the minimum basic salary per month. 

Take a look at the graph below from a previous BitPinas article where we look at the earning one can have in a 2 to 4-hour play of Axie Infinity compared to how much a minimum wage worker can earn in a 4-hour part time job.

Not bad for two to four hours of play.

At the price of $0.27 per 1 SLP, players today can earn just as much as during the early to mid 2020:

Data for Minimum Daily Wage is from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)

Note the above doesn’t count transaction and transfer fees. Consider it as gross income.

Go to Twitter and find the hashtag #salamataxie and you’ll find a number of Filipinos thanking Axie Infinity for the things they were able to buy because of proceeds from playing the game.

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