PINASining II: More Advice from Past Winners as Contest Deadline Draws Near

BlockchainSpace recently unveiled the Sandbox Philippines PINASining Gallery. Displayed on Cyber, a digital gallery for NFTs, it showcases art submitted to the PINASining contest held last May. 

The Sandbox together with the BlockchainSpace is bringing back PINASining II to promote creators in the Philippines and around the globe. PINASining II is the second voxel contest for creators to build Philippine-themed voxel assets for the Metaverse. Check the mechanics here and apply using this Google Form. (Deadline is June 18, 2021) For more information visit the

The tweet shared by BlockchainSpace features all the voxel pieces created by the participating creators compiled in Cyber’s NFT gallery. This includes works of 1st place winner iLasining and 2nd place winner Focc_x.

According to Peter Ing, founder of BlockchainSpace and Philippines Ambassador for The Sandbox, many Filipinos already familiar with voxel artwork from Minecraft and Roblox find the transition to building on The Sandbox easy. The difference is that in creating for Sandbox, the pieces created can be monetized. “The narrative for Filipino artists and creators is extremely compelling, those who previously invested hours building assets in voxel based games can now monetize their efforts  by selling the artwork and game assets that they create,” Peter said in a statement.

The Sandbox, is a decentralized, community-driven game platform, it’s a virtual world where players can build, design, personalize, own, monetize their gaming experiences in the ethereum blockchain. 

Interview with Past Winners: Kaz Pios, 3rd Place Winner

Kaz, creator of the famed “Pistang Pinoy” said that winning the contest allowed her to receive support from The Sandbox’s Creator Fund, an initiative to support artists by rewarding and incentivizing them to create 3D assets for The Sandbox platform. Artists are rewarded per asset basis of $2 to $60 per unique asset. Artists will also be able to sell their assets on The Sandbox’s integrated marketplace too.

“It took me about a week to learn and explore the various features of VoxEdit. It is user-friendly and easy to use in both creating and animating voxel arts,” Kaz said in an interview. Her advice to those wishing to join the contest is to plan out everything from the beginning:

“Plan out what you want to make, draw up a rough sketch, and start to create. Creating voxel art will take time, effort, and detail, but it’ll be worth it.”

Kaz, Creator

Ayesha Lara Montes, 4th Place Winner

Madrid-based artist Ayesha said her official entry “Tarsier” depicted the small primates (of the same name) native to the Philippines. She added she wants to show “the beauty of these little creatures to the world.”

Sha claimed that joining the PINASining contest got her more followers on Instagram. Currently she’s still making more voxel art.

Ayesha only has high praise for VoxEdit, a voxel editing tool developed by The Sandbox, saying it’s a very intuitive program that is easy to use for creators to start using without previous knowledge of other voxel software. VoxEdit enables artists and creators to make voxel assets that can be used in games in The Sandbox’s metaverse, equipped by player avatars and sold in The Sandbox marketplace.

Ayesha’s advice to those who are going to join the contest:

“Enjoy creating art, the energy, love and passion that you put into it can be transmitted by your creations.”

Ayesha Lara Montes, Creator

PINASining II is still accepting entries until June 18, 2021. For the complete contest mechanics:

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