Overview of FXOpen’s Best Performing PAMM Accounts in December 2021

We at Team FXOpen hope that all our traders, managers, and investors had a great winter holiday season, and would once again like to wish everyone happiness and prosperity, as well as further success in your trading and investments.

The end-of-the-year / start-of-the-year transition period tends to be rather difficult for the market. Even professionals are prone to  making mistakes. And, of course, any investor is interested in finding a manager who, even within a thin market, will be able to maintain stability in trading and bring profit to their subscribers. Such accounts can ensure the stability of the investment portfolio minimizing loss risks.

Find below the list of FXOpen’s best-performing PAMM accounts of 2021.


The just-concluded 2021 was a very productive year for this manager: they were able to earn more than 140% in profit. Only a couple of months in a year were not entirely successful and were closed with a conservative minus. In December, this provider’s profitability wasn’t too high at just +1.43%, but this is because they reduced risks, thereby increasing the stability of the account. The deposit load also went down, along with drawdowns. In December, the deposit load did not exceed 3.51%, the maximum drawdown was 8.27%. EURUSD remains their main trading cross-pair. Sensei’s standard offer is joining with 500 USD or more.

PAMM: sensei


This provider has been trading on the FXOpen platform for 2 years already, and can safely be considered a model for stable trading. In 2021, they practically did not experience any serious drawdowns, except for when in September, the trade did not go too well. FastWay earned close to 95% in profit during 2021. In December, this provider was able to earn 8.49%, and the maximum drawdown for the last month of the year did not exceed 2.07% with a deposit load of 9.07%. The minimum deposit for joining this provider is 200 USD. The penalty for early withdrawal is just 5%.

PAMM: fastway


Throughout the year, this trader demonstrated their superior trading skills on this (IPFx2) account, and also on the IPF. Their preferred long-term trading instrument is #NDXm, which is still bringing profit to investors, but another tool was added recently, #SPXm. During the year, this account earned 92% in profit, and in December, the profitability reached 9.24% with a minimum deposit load of 3.35%. This manager’s offer is especially convenient for novice investors, since one can join this account with just 1 USD.

PAMM: ipfx2


This provider has been trading on the FXOpen platform for 1.5 years now, and is still showing fairly stable results. The drawdowns are rare and quite low, and the trader manages to deal with them quickly. Most likely, this manager is utilizing an averaging strategy advisor. Over the past year, they were able to earn almost 35% in profits. In December, the profit was 9.85% with a minimum deposit load of 0.52%. It should be noted that the maximum drawdown of 28.52% is still preserved on the account. At the time of this writing, no floating drawdown is observed. Major trading pairs are NZDCAD, AUDCAD, AUDNZD. You can join the account with just 1 USD. There is no penalty for early withdrawal.

PAMM: pandorum


In 2021, this provider came into the limelight primarily thanks to their profitability. Over the year, they were able to earn more than 200% in profit, with a deposit load as low as 14%. In December, the provider was able to earn just 1.08%, which, however, did not affect investors’ interest in him. This provider’s main trading instruments are #NDXm and #NDXM. Some long-term deals are opened. MIGdollar’s trading can be described as moderately aggressive. You can join them for just 1 USD.

PAMM: migdollar


LuckyBlack is another very stable account on the FXOpen platform, having registered 18 months ago, and still showing enviable profitability and stable trading. For the entire 2021, this provider was able to earn 140% in profit. In December, the profit amounted to 11.31% with a minimum deposit load of 7.67%. The drawdown grew to reach 26%, but, by the start of the new year, decreased to 0%. This provider’s trading style is characterized by a high degree of stability, most likely thanks to following a fairly efficient system. At the time of this writing, several trades are open. You can follow this manager with just 1 USD.

PAMM: luckyblack


At the end of 2021, hyBrazil was able to pull themself together, prove their professionalism, and get away from the minus zone. At the beginning of 2021, their trading style wasn’t too stable, but later, a complete 180 occurred — and by the end of the year, the provider made a good profit (over 130%) and dealt with the account’s drawdown. In December, their earnings amounted to +10.11% with a maximum drawdown of 8.34%. At the time of this writing, there is no drawdown on the account, but trades are still open. The minimum investment to join this account is 20 USD, and 75% of the profit goes to the investor.

PAMM: hybrazil


This provider has been with FXOpen since March 2020, preferring conservative trading, and characterized by rather low drawdowns: the maximum drawdown has yet to exceed 9.76%. In December, the provider was able to earn 10.13% in profit, and the short-term drawdown did not exceed 7.53%. At the time of this writing, there is a small working drawdown of 1.64%. In the last month of the year, the provider traded mainly in AUDCAD, USDCAD, CHFJPY, EURCAD. You can join the account with as little as 1 USD.

PAMM: goodsense


This PAMM manager’s account was registered almost a year ago, and kwarst can be easily described as a conservative trader primarily concerned with the stability of the account. Their trading operations are most likely carried out by an EA, since a large number of transactions are open at the moment. In the account’s lifetime, the maximum drawdown has yet to exceed 14.5%. In December, the account earned 5.90%, the maximum drawdown for the last month of the year was 6.86% with a deposit load of 10.45%. The main trading pairs in December  were GBPUSD and EURUSD. You can join this provider’s offer with 100 USD or more.

PAMM: kwarst


The winner of the Forex Managers contest involving real and active PAMM accounts. Their trading can be characterized as very stable, highly profitable, and attractive to potential investors. The low drawdown is an indicator of a well-thought-out trading strategy, as it did not exceed 6.32%. The profitability of several months of the just-concluded year was over 30%. The deposit load in December did not exceed 5%. Trading was carried out mainly in XAUUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY. You can join this  provider for at least 50 USD.

PAMM: gsv12

Now you are all caught up with FXOpen’s Top-10 PAMM accounts to consider thanks to their stability, long-term profitability, and proper money management.

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