NFT-Based Digital Fashion DIGITALAX Partners With Polygon

NFT-Based Digital Fashion DIGITALAX Partners With Polygon

  • NFT-based digital fashion DIGITALAX has partnered with Polygon.
  • The partnership is made to issue a hybrid physical and digital fashion online.
  • DIGITALAX overcomes sustainability through Polygon.

DIGITALAX, an NFT-based digital fashion project has partnered with Polygon, formerly known as Matic Network to issue a hybrid physical and digital fashion online.

Moreover, the partnership is mainly on the idea of NFTs as memes being a gateway of the sustainable digital metaverse. However, as the physical pieces, the collection will be sold with a respected NFT minted on Polygon, aiming for onboarding fashion consumers to the NFT space.

Notably, DIGITALAX is one of the projects at the forefront of the fashion trend. More so, the project provides an opportunity for designing 3D digital fashion. In addition, it contains an NFT distribution channel and content supply chain.

Added to this, it offers an intercommunication format between game engines and 3D fashion apps. Also, a digital environment between users and creators. Moreover, the platform also provides use cases across the fashion, gaming, esports, and VR sectors, among others.

DIGITALAX Overcomes Sustainability Through Polygon

DIGITALAX sees sustainability as one of the biggest draws of digital fashion. Therefore, selecting Polygon as an NFT issuance platform is a conscious decision to help achieve scalability without compromising on sustainability.

Moreover, the project creates a collection of individual physical garments. However, each will be imprinted with a memetic patch NFT. Each meme is created to promote core themes such as sustainability, exploitation in the supply chain, fashion, gaming, and unrealized creator value.

The memetic patches will be minted on Polygon as a unique ERC1155 NFT, utilizing the DIGITALAX open-source digital pattern, material, and texture libraries. Even more, users purchasing items from the collection will get an inventory claim ticket.

In addition to the unique memetic NFT, the purchaser also gets XP points for the DIGITALAX ESPA esports platform, which they can utilize to compete in tournaments. They’ll also receive a common open edition NFT that corresponds to a collection under the SKU line of the product they’ve purchased.

All in all, the collaboration is made to support the world to understand the nature of NFTs and the digital metaverse. Also, the way they make fashion and commerce more sustainable. Furthermore, DIGITALAX believes that memes, with their simple and shareable nature, indicate that there’s already a transition to the digital metaverse underway.

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