NFT Auction to Sell Legendary Jay-Z Sneakers

A widely known sneaker manufacturer in narrow celebrity circles, Relevant Customs, announced the launch of an auction for an “artist-proven” pair of the famous Brooklyn Zoo sneakers. The auction will take place at the ClubRare platform, on June 21.

Only 10 pairs of Brooklyn Zoo sneakers were ever made, and thanks to Jay-Z, this pair went viral and the product itself sold for over $24,000. This is worth more than the value of one Bitcoin. As of now, the artist has unveiled the original prototype of the sneaker, which is the same pattern in which the other 10 pairs were then created.  On June 21, The “Brooklyn Zoo” Jordans up for auction will be an NFT-supported, Metaverse-compatible item. This will be Brooklyn Zoothe’s only pair of  sneakers to receive web3 technology.

Despite the fact that with the strong current of the cryptocurrency market that is happening right now, NFT assets will be the first in line to be sold by investors and losing the most value. However, NFT enthusiasts and entrepreneurs remained unfazed by this negative situation. In contrast, judging from their actions, they have the intention to establish them as a complete thing and thus, give more weight to NFT collectibles. Hence, the CEO of ClubRare, Paul Chung, announced that on the future of e-commerce on blockchain, it will have an accompanying Brooklyn Zoo Jordans auction conference.

NFT assets are no longer associated with anything besides the speculation and overpriced pictures.However it is important to state that it is a very good tool for registering ownership and e-commerce. Additionally, any services turnover and digital area of goods can use these tools in its activities.

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