Mytheria: The First Create-To-Earn NFT Game Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

NFTs, are ruling the gaming industry these days. There are several platforms that have been rightly introduced in the NFT gaming category. The NFT industry is expanding at a very fast pace and is receiving huge appraisals, with the games being adopted on a wide scale.

One such highly innovative idea that has completely revolutionized the concept of a better gaming environment for individuals across the world is Mytheria.

Mytheria-The Introduction

Mytheria is the first-of-its-kind play-to-earn and create-to-earn NFT game that presents a fierce and savage fantasy world. It is a blockchain-based multi-cultural mythical game that presents a world consisting of Gods of varied mythologies and beliefs fighting wildly for their prestige and honor.

There’s a reason behind this major battle taking place between the Gods, and that is they consider their glory and their honor to be the ultimate and the most significant earthly matter or concern.

Mytheria is a platform where gaming enthusiasts will find some of the most illustrious Gods; the invincible Thor and the mighty Zeus and not to mention the aggressive Wukong, Odin, and various other venomous Gods.

All these Gods fight within the game, showcasing some of their most inviolable powers to find victory at the end.

Considering the huge assortment of some of the most formidable gameplay characters, it is quite likely for the players to wonder whether it will be possible for them to come out as indomitable players, placing their opponents behind with their untamed enthusiasm.

All those individuals who have this bent towards intemperately violent and mind-blowing games should definitely try out Mytheria!

Important Elements of the Game

Dissimilar to the other boring games, Mytheria is one that excites the gamers with some of the most redoubtable characters and Gods fighting on the battlefield. Some of the major elements of the game include:

Powerfully Emerging Pantheons

In the first version of the game, you will come across 5 Pantheons. The future updates of the game put forward the hope of the Mytheria world expanding and welcoming more Pantheons, Gods and powers.

Well, all the 5 Pantheons have several characters, heroes, and Gods, but if the gamers are looking to introduce their favorite God, they can get to the GodForge Workshop and vote for their desired God.

There is this artist community that creates Gods desired by the gaming enthusiasts so the gamers can easily enjoy the game with the characters of their choice.

The Wild Battlefield

Mytheria boasts of a barbaric and versatile battlefield not to be found in any other game of the present era. There are two towers per lane, and the gamers need to protect these towers from enemies.

The team that is successful in taking down two to three towers is the one that wins the game at the end. Mytheria is a game that works on the Round System with players benefitting from the preparatory stage prior to entering the original bloodshed field.

Build an Indestructible Army

Mytheria, the game has a primary focus on the Gods, with all the Gods having varied background stories, physique, and strengths. Gamers can customize the Deck as per their preference, with the Gods having major significance in the Deck.

Gamers who are successful in consuming Mytheria shards can strengthen God, which is the one and the only card. Gamers successful in doing so get additional powers. Balance of power is one strategy that works in the game.

The Marketplace

Mytheria boasts of a huge and diverse marketplace where the sellers and the buyers meet. In the case of Mytheria, the users can be both buyers and sellers mainly because it is a create-to-earn and play-to-earn game.

Players can indulge in both these activities for earning money as MYRA and then exchanging the same with original cash. This is probably the pinnacle of Blockchain technology among all the other NFT developments.


The game comes in varied modes, with PVE being the basic mode. Then there’s PVP, the competitive mode where players highlight their skills among the other players, and the top in the lot gets a great reward right at the end of the season.


It would be wrong to consider Mytheria as a mere game. In fact, it is one of the most versatile platforms motivating emerging artists to sell their creativity at deserving and desired rates.

Team and Investors

KardiaChain, the first decentralized, interoperable, and self-optimized blockchain built for accessibility and scalability for millions of users, has recently started funding the new blockchain games. It is doing so to expand its ecosystem, and the same works for Mytheria as well.

Then there’s KEIG Studio, founded by Le Manh Cuong. The fact that the CEO himself has experience of 10 years in working with DOTA2 and Marvel projects speaks of the effectiveness and the entertainment surrounding this game.

Calling in all contributors interested in this game with IDO information yet to come!

The Bottom Line

Mytheria comes as one of the most refreshing additions to the assortment of blockchain-based games trending in the market right now. It speaks of well-planned and well-designed gameplay and graphics.

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