Meta Announces New Metaverse & Web3-Aligned Online Creator Tools

Meta unveiled a host of features for online content creators that it claims would increase the scope for revenue generation, allow creative expression, and enhance user engagement.

Announcing the same, CEO Mark Zuckerberg also said it is expanding some of its current monetization tools to attract more creators.

First, creators would not be charged for online events, fan subscriptions, or badges, until 2024. which was previously kept till 2023.

Besides that, Meta is testing a marketplace on Instagram to bring creators and brands together for future collaboration via a partnership messaging folder within Instagram DMs.

As per sources, the proposed creator’s marketplace would compete with TikTok’s similar marketplace, which is the video app’s in-house influencer marketing platform, in a bid to woo more creators to its platform.

In terms of the firm’s existing monetization tools, the chief exec announced enhancing current offerings like the Facebook Reels Play Bonus program to onboard more creators and also let creators cross-post their Instagram Reels to Facebook and monetize them there as well.

The Reels Play Bonus program is a part of Meta’s larger $1 billion creator fund and will go live next week.

Meta’s NFT Display Now On Facebook

After Meta’s pilot testing of NFT display options on Instagram back in May, the firm is now expanding the test pool, bringing the digital collectibles feature to Facebook, ‘starting with a small group of US creators’.

For U.S.-based influencers, one is eligible to apply for the Facebook Reels Play bonus program if they have created more than five Reels and have a total of a minimum of 100k views in the past 30 days.

Not only that, the firm is planning to extend a virtual platform called Facebook Stars to all eligible creators from now on. Here fans can offer support for their favorite creators and buy merchandise.

“Beginning this week, creators who have at least 1,000 followers over the last 60 days will be eligible to onboard. Creators must be in a region where Stars are available and must also meet Meta’s Partner Monetization Policies and Content Monetization Policies”, the report read.

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