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Kaiken Inu Is A Brand New Gem You Shouldn’t Miss

About KaiKen Inu

KaiKen Inu is a Dog Token with a smart stalking system. It is a community-driven, Defi token; the value of which depends on the community’s support. It aims to provide a single platform for investors having different interests.

Dog Farm. This will be an LP farming pool. Kaiken INU can be paired with Eth, USDT and other stable coins to farm more Kaiken INU. Kaiken INU will also partner with other tokens for staking. There will also be a single currency staking and will probably earn kaiken inu or other tokens.

Dog House. Dog House will be another limited token that when paired with Kaiken Inu in the Dog Farm, it will double the staking power.

Crypto Puppies. This will be another token that can be earned through staking Kaiken INU with other tokens. These crypto puppies will either become NFTs that can be traded or to be used as a character for Dog Games.

Dog Food. This will be bought to feed the Crypto Puppies.

Dog Vitamins. This will be another token that will provide nutrition to the crypto puppies.

Dog Games. This will be our biggest offering for our investors. We will partner with a real gaming company to develop our strategic games featuring our kaiken inu dog as the main character of the game

Kai Ecosystem. This is a single platform that will house the entire feature of the project. 

We believe that PCA will be our main motor that drives our project to where we wanted it to be and to showcase to everyone whom we hope to show to. They exactly have the muscle we need to bring our vision for our community into reality. Together, we can deliver our most anticipated offering across the masses, reaching every corners of all borders and introducing everyone to the world of decentralization” From Kaiken CEO aka Coinsniper

Decoding KaiKen for readers, CEO Platinum Crypto Academy and Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly Mr Karnav Shah explained: “ KaiKen Inu is a refreshing project. It is more than just a typical self-rewarding autonomous yield liquidity generation protocol. It is an entire ecosystem, robust, versatile and full of exciting features. Most importantly, the anti-dump feature provides ultimate security to investors and ensures fair play. We look forward to releasing more about this promising Defi project soon.”

What Makes KaiKen Inu Token Different From Other Dog Tokens?

KaiKen Inu’sfully packed features and anti-dump implementation are two things that make it different from other dog tokens.

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