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Indian Police Arrested A Bitcoin-Drug Trader ‘’ The Crypto King’’

NCB,India’s Narcotics Control Bureau, arrested a Indian drug trader named Makarand Pardeep Adivirkar. 

Accused person is known as the ” Crypto King” on the dark web. Apart from Indian peddlers, the criminal also has connections in the narcotics community of European countries.

According to the NCB report, the arrested person who was allegedly involved in the exchange of bitcoin for LSD is known as the “The Crypto King” on darknet.

Later this person was identified as Makarand Pardeep Adivirkar (A.K.A).

This person was operating everything on the Dark Web where every type of illegal activity happened. Like buying and selling drugs & weapons.

”His modus operandi was to receive cash, and provide bitcoins on marginal profits by using his wallet that was used to purchase drugs from the Darknet.”


In the whole investigation, 20 LSB in a village named Kharodi, Malad.

And also NCB revealed that this criminal has connections in European narcotics drug dealers also.

”In November 2020, a team of NCB Mumbai had seized 20 LSD blots from Kharodi Village in Malad. The seized psychotropic substance was purchased from Europe by using bitcoin.”


Further NCB team said that they will reinvestigate the whole situation and activities and then they will justify what punishment this criminal will face.

Dark Side Of Crypto On Dark Web

This is not the first case about illegal activities on the Dark Web. Already many illegal activities are going one which are out of the trap by NCB and other authorities who are keeping their eye on these things.

Recently a person was arrested for processing $25 million worth of BTC illegally. 

This person was from Los Angeles, California. And now this person is subjected to prison for 2 years.

This criminal was famous with the name

 ” superman29″ and was involved in anti money laundering and unauthorized money transactions.

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