Illuvium Game Designer: Axie Infinity Should Stabilize the Prices of SLP & Axies

By Shiela Bertillo

Khaled Alroumi, open-world RPG Illuvium Game Designer, proposed ways to help stabilize the price and demand on play-to-earn non fungible token (NFT) game Axie Infinity’s in-game token Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Axies, the game’s NFT, in a tweet yesterday.

According to him, Axie Infinity must “create demand for SLP from existing users, not only new users” and “add a way to funnel out Axies out of the supply.”

“No need for a whole new system such as crafting to solve this problem,” he added.

Further, he posted, along with the suggestion, a visual representation of his proposal to “reroll” body parts of a player’s existing floor axie for better ones in exchange foir SLP, “axie soul essence” as well as Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). 

The body part reroll mechanism includes rules such as once a body part was rerolled, no other part could be rerolled, the body part reroll can only be done 5 times and the cost will increase each time. 

Through this, demand for the sinking SLP would be generated and would also funnel excess axies in the system, the designer said.

Axie Breeding Event for the 10 Millionth Axie

Axie Infinity recently announced through Discord a breeding event where a trainer who breeds the ten millionth Axie will win a Tanuki Mystic land item.

“Hey Trainers, we have some very exciting news! In the upcoming days, the ten millionth Axie will be born. We want to celebrate with a Breeding event,” the developers wrote.

Tanuki Mystic land item Increases base stats of Axies with “Japanese body parts” by 10% and increases Chimera item drop rate by 5%.

However, as per the terms of service of Axie Infinity no automation will be allowed meaning breeding in a site, an app or smart contracts through automated and non-human means are prohibited. 

The developers also reiterated that “any violation of the TOS will result in all Axies in the offending account and connected accounts being banned and the trainer being disqualified from the event.”

“To be clear, this one week advance notice is a warning that you should disable your automated breeding before Axie 10M is born. If you cannot monitor your automation until Axie 10M is born you should disable it now,” the developers reminded the breeders.

With this breeding event, the demand for SLP, which is mainly used for breeding, will likely increase.

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