Illuvium announces Virtual Land Sale! Here’s how to Buy Illuvium Land

Virtual games have skyrocketed in popularity back in 2021. When Axie Infinity made it to the mainstream thanks to traditional media, P2E games rose to fame and soared in valuation. Today, the well-known role-playing game Illuvium announced its upcoming land sale. Usually, such events sell out fast allowing buyers to resell their purchases at higher prices. Let’s get into more details about the Land sale of Illuvium and how to buy Illuvium land.

What is Illuvium Crypto game?

Illuvium is an RPG game built on the Ethereum network. Players battle Illuvials who are inhabitants of the metaverse and nurse them back to life. Once the players are doing this, the Illuvials become faithful and help players in their quest. Upon completing the quest, the players get access to rare items which they can trade on the IlluviDex.

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What is IlluviDex?

Users who play Illuvium acquire NFTs such as lands, items, gears, and pets. In order to trade those NFTs, users can go to the IlluviDex, which is an open trade market. This is where users purchase lands, trade, and check their assets from the game. They can do so by simply connecting their Metamask wallet, and voila…all their assets show in the upcoming “my assets” section.

how to buy illuvium land
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Illuvium Land Sale details

Illuvium recently announced the launch of their Land sale. Players will be able to purchase lands between the 2nd of June 2022 till the 5th of June 2022. Players can also participate in their NFT Land giveaway and get the chance to win five Tier 1 plots of land for free. To do so, simply go to this link.

how to buy illuvium land Giveaway

How to Buy Illuvium Land – Step by Step Guide

Like most NFT purchases, users need to first do a few essential activities before venturing into the actual NFT land purchase. Imagine yourself going to the gym: before actually starting to work out, you’ll need to actually get ready by wearing gym clothes, putting your gym accessories and food in your bag, and grabbing that life-saving deodorant (phew).

That’s why before you actually embark into NFT buying, make sure to do the following:

  • Download Metamask and create a wallet. If you don’t know how, click on this link
  • By some Ether. If you don’t know how, we also got you covered! Click here for an easy guide
  • Send your purchased Ether to your Metamask wallet (make sure you send an amount higher than the land price + gas fees

Now that you are ready, you can proceed with actually going to the gy…to the IlluviDex platform where you’ll buy your NFT land:

  • Go to IlluviDex
  • Connect your Metamask wallet and sign the permissions needed

And voila! You’re all set to browse the lands available and make your first purchase.

how to buy illuvium land

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