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Greetings from Dyanis Zabauski, the founder of Coinmatics

Welcome to the Coinmatics blog! My name is Dyanis Zabauski, the founder of Coinmatics. Today I want to say some words about my team and our product vision. And, taking this opportunity, to answer the questions that came to me from you, dear users.

The idea of Coinmatics was born out of technologies, which I originally developed for my internal use. And then I decided to share this product with the world and make a business out of it. This is how the Coinmatics platform has appeared.

Statistics about Coinmatics company
Statistics about Coinmatics company

Coinmatics is a platform for those who are as passionate about digital currency as we are. For traders and investors who make the most of crypto trading. This is a platform of people who go along and earn money using a modern financial product — copy trading. We focus on reliability, accuracy, and complete transparency of operations and want to create a community of like-minded people — traders and investors — who can make money with us.

I believe it’s very important to be in touch with the audience of the product. I like to communicate directly with users and, perhaps, with the person who is reading these lines now, I have already communicated. I had a lot of questions, and today I would like to share the most interesting of them.

“How can a trader know when it’s time to go out into the world and register on copy trading platforms?”

I think that if traders have positive dynamics from 6 months and an adequate assessment of risk score, then they can safely register their strategy.

First, you need to gain credibility among copy traders, i.e. to gain an audience: enter the copy trading market with a low price or not set a subscription price at all. This is the beginning of building a social profile. And then raise the price to the market one — similar to traders with analogous trading performance.

Dyanis Zabauski, the Founder of Coinmatics
Dyanis Zabauski, the Founder of Coinmatics

“Why do experienced crypto traders sometimes don’t want to connect their trading strategy to copy trading platforms?”

In contrast to classical markets, the institution of copy trading is not very developed in the cryptocurrency field. To be honest, I rarely find adequate tools for copying trades. Almost all platforms are based on portfolio leveling: you click on a button and a service buys the same coin volumes as a trader.

That’s why I took up the development of my own product, which will be decent and in demand on the market. I’ve been trading for many years, so I understand what users want to see and how to implement it.

“What are traders afraid of?”

Successful — nothing to fear. If a trader has good results, he will gladly consider copy trading as a passive income option. Moreover, without increasing deposits and risks. A really profitable trader can earn more on copy trading than on trading itself.

And there are traders who declared themselves traders. I call them “home traders” — they are afraid to go out, because there are no results yet.

However, there is an exception: sometimes traders do not want to show publicly their strategy/their approach to trading. I also accept such point of view, everyone chooses their own way of earning and this is absolutely normal.

“What is the most important quality of a professional trader?”

I believe that successful trading is based on 3 pillars:

  • Systematic approach. Without such an approach to trading, you are doomed to failure.
  • Emotion control. Emotions during trading can cause bad results.One-time profitable trades on emotions sooner or later lead to blowing up.
  • Ability to manage risks or risk-management.

“What is the future for copy trading? Will it be more and more popular?”

“To me, it will be. Cryptocurrency copy trading follows the same path as copy trading in classical markets, where at the moment this method of trading is gaining millions of followers and kicking into high gear.

I would consider copy trading as a tool that allows anyone to freely enter the market. Note: it will take several years of painstaking work to trade profitably over a long distance. An experienced trader has a large amount of spent time (and sometimes assets), a huge amount of work, analytics and hundreds of materials read.

Copy trading “blurs the line” and allows beginners with no experience to trade like professional traders. The more participants there will be in crypto trading, the more incentive for traders to grow. More choice, more competition, better results. The popularity of the institution of cryptocurrency trading will directly affect its quality.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback to me. You should know that you have contributed to the improvement of Coinmatics, and I am grateful to you for that”.

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