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GogolCoin Taps into Crypto to Deliver Expert Smart House Oversight and Open IEO on ProBit Global – CoinCheckup Blog

Crypto-infused smart home platform GogolCoin has commenced with its IEO on ProBit Global for GOGOL tokens and bonuses starting on June 24, 2021, at 12:00 KST.

With continued growth in the IoT sector, Fortune Business Insights has pegged the market value at a value of 1.463T by 2027. As digital innovations continue to improve society and provide enhanced comfort, convenience, and peace of mind, the smart home industry, in particular, has grown by leaps and bounds with a projected B2C market value of $182.4M by 2025

According to IoT Business News, the most commonly purchased smart home devices include smart thermostats, smart light bulbs, smart security cameras, smart door locks, smart plugs, and smart speakers. Smart homeowners have increasingly turned to innovative IoT devices to effortlessly establish optimum levels of comfort and safety throughout their properties.

GogolCoin utilizes blockchain to house a centralized digital management system (CDMS) for handling a wide range of services covering administrative and routine maintenance as part of their around-the-clock service expertise. The platform also conducts initial assessments, provides digital blueprints, and runs cost estimates for potential smart home digitization.

Operating on a core value of providing hassle-free, convenient services for fully remote management and peace of mind, GogolCoin taps into its team of professionals that can effectively guide and maintain upkeep for smart homeowners, especially those with multiple properties.

Some of the platform’s key offerings include remote management devices, round-the-clock monitoring services, and preventative measures to address primary homeowner concerns ranging from potential burglaries to gas leaks. GogolCoin resolves key pain points by accommodating tailored specifications with smart devices and daily user need management.

The CSH application helps onboard users not familiar with cryptocurrency for expedited payments using BTC, ETH, or USDT with a range of discounts for users paying for services in ETH or BTC. The platform’s GOGOL tokens can be used to access an expanded range of incentives such as discounts for services including CDMS, smart home design and development, as well as smart house devices.


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The GSH system is designed to solve a variety of problems faced by property owners, enabling them to remotely manage all aspects of their property securely in real-time and at low costs using precise procedures and mechanisms.


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