GMT Price Prediction – Is 1$ back in sight for STEPN?


The entire crypto market appears to be regaining after days of downfall. The entire cryptocurrency market capitalization has increased by almost 4% in the last 30 hours. This article is all about the GMT price prediction. Is 1$ back in sight for STEPN? Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

What is STEPN (GMT) Crypto?

STEPN is a move-to-earn gaming platform. It is based on the Solana blockchain. In this, users can earn tokens by walking, jogging, or running. To do this, users must first purchase footwear that is appropriate for their preferred physical activity before they can begin earning tokens. This game functions as a web3 platform strived at encouraging healthful lifestyle manners. It executes this by rewarding people who exercise. STEPN fuses Game-Fi and Social-Fi factors, according to the official website. Because games integrate gaming and banking, Game-Fi is a traditional component in blockchain gaming. This combo entitles users to earn profit in the real world.

GMT price prediction: STEPN Price is Bullish