Crypto News Release Guidelines to Its Users on How to Claim FORTH Airdrop

As noted by, users can claim their FORTH airdrop by following a set of guidelines, with the first step involving the confirmation of their eligibilities.

Major cryptocurrency exchange has released a set of guidelines to help its qualified users claim the Ampleforth (FORTH) airdrop. According to an official announcement released by the trading platform, The Ampleforth team will be airdropping FORTH tokens to addresses according to on-chain records before March 30, 2021. started backing the Ampleforth project back in July 2020, and based on this, it is estimated that the exchange’s customers are to benefit from the airdrop in FORTH valuation worth millions of dollars. The guideline is specifically targeted at users who deposited AMPL before March 30. The platform noted that since its wallets cannot receive the airdrop rewards directly, it has created a “Claim transfer type” to help credit its users’FORTH claim to their accounts directly. FORTH Airdrop Claim Procedure

As noted by, users can claim their FORTH airdrop by following a set of guidelines, with the first step involving the confirmation of their eligibilities. After the confirmation, users can then proceed to the airdrop claim page on the official Ampleforth website. Users have to connect their Metamask wallet and change the address to receive the FORTH token to their AMPL deposit address and then claim.

Once the claim is successful, the FORTH tokens will be credited to the user’s account where the new asset can be traded. The exchange notes that the tokens price is high at this time and will serve eligible users are advised to make their claims as soon as possible. Is Customer-Centric

Cryptocurrency exchange administration in today’s world is one of the most prominent ways to usher in more mainstream participation in the crypto industry. Besides the rollout of new products and services tailored to compete with what currently exists in the traditional markets, the availability of the right support goes a long way in helping many new entrants navigate their way around in the complex crypto ecosystem., an 8-year old exchange is known for backing innovative, high yield digital currency projects, one of the basic hallmarks of its recognition by CoinMarketCap, a third-party crypto data provider as one of the leading platforms in the space. With a robust community and hundreds of trading pairs, the support system is arguably one of its key growth drivers.

While its proactiveness is set to benefit its eligible users for the FORTH token airdrop, said it will continue to improve and innovate its processes so as to reward its users for their continuous support.

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