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Friday Wrap Up – Your Questions Answered

We’re approaching the end of another busy week for the crypto industry–and for Digitex in particular. On Monday, we dropped a host of upgrades on the exchange to improve the user experience and make it easier to onboard new traders. From more ways to buy DGTX to an improved user interface and awesome Liquidity Mining program that pays you to trade, we’ve tightened the spreads and doubled the number of users on the exchange. So, what’s next? 

We’ve collected your questions this week from our social channels and Support Center to find out what you think–and provide you with as many answers as possible as we move into the second quarter of 2021. Check them out.

When are bracket orders coming?

Our team is working on these and we will be incorporating bracket orders into the exchange once they’ve passed the final testing and are ready to ship.

Will there be a single click stop loss?

Yes. The team is working on it literally as we speak! We improved the current stop loss earlier this week and now the single click request has been passed on to the dev team. They really like the idea but it will require some time to design and build, so expect this to come in one of our future upgrades.

Will gold and silver return?

No, not for the time being. We want to focus all our efforts, market making, and liquidity on our flagship markets right now.

Will spot markets be next?

Yes, 100%. Launching the spot markets is our top priority.

Will there be burning at some point or more staking so selling pressure will go down?

At the current time and for the foreseeable future, we have decided that there will be no token burning. However, we do have a plan to take a significant amount of DGTX off the circulating market and we will share details with you in due course.

When will marketing start?

We have been working behind the scenes to put together an experienced marketing team that has been hashing out a killer strategy ready to execute as soon as the spot markets go live. Some of the projects they have been working on include a brand-new marketing website, retargeting ad campaigns, Telegram groups and influencer promos. Next month, after the spot markets are released, we’ll be making more noise in the press and seeking better-known influencer partnerships.

Will there be an AMA?

We can definitely host an AMA in the upcoming quarter. We’d like to focus our efforts on getting another couple of upgrades and releases out on the exchange first, and then Adam will be happy to catch up with the community personally.

Will there be a Digitex trading app?

Yes. The work has started on the Digitex trading app for both Android and iOS and we now have a small dedicated team here in the office. We will update you on the progress in due course.

Is the stablecoin still in the roadmap?

Not in the near future. We love the idea of the stablecoin, but in reality, it needs a lot more time for development and testing. 

What’s coming in the next update?

The spot market is our highest priority. That will be the next major upgrade on the exchange.

How often are the liquidity mining rewards paid out? Are they paid into the trading account or main account?

Liquidity mining rewards are paid out every minute into your trading account.

Why is the new version not mobile responsive?

We’re developing a mobile app currently. This is something that we’ve wanted to do for a long time and, as we mentioned, we now have a dedicated team working on it. In fact, if you try logging into the exchange on a mobile, you’ll find a lander that says “app coming soon.” We’ve decided that this is a more efficient use of resources than working on a mobile responsive version as it means we can get the app released sooner for trading on the go.

That’s all for now. We hope that you’re enjoying the improvements to the exchange. If you have more questions or feedback, as always, be sure to let us know. In the meantime, be sure to earn your liquidity mining rewards and get paid to trade on top of your profits.

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