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Filipino NFT Artist Profiles: Skye Nicolas Discusses His Art Journey

By Shiela Bertillo with additional reporting from Michael Mislos

“I hope to get to the point to be the person that can get to change things. To have enough clout and resources to give back and help build communities, develop projects that are of benefit to Filipino artists and everyone else.”

Skye Nicolas, a New York-based Filipino non-fungible token (NFT) artist, shared his experience as an artist as well as his journey venturing into the NFT space. He discussed this during the AMA (Ask Me Anything) Session by @SalamaxCutie live in Twitter Space. Play the recording here.

Who is Skye Nicolas?

One of the most celebrated minds not just in NFT but in the entire art industry as well, according to FADMagazine: “Skye Nicolas in his art career spanning two decades has traversed multiple disciplines. From large-format paintings of figurative works to conceptual art. Therein lies his mastery; in combining the exploration of various mediums into one articulate language that is truly his own.”

What is Skye’s Art Inspiration?

During the Twitter Space, Skye mentioned that the inspiration and influence seen in his works are mostly the memories of his childhood and therefore “rooted in nostalgia.” He pointed out that the things he left behind in the Philippines, “a lot of them show up in my work.”

Why did Skye Create NFTs?

“I was trained in physical art. At some point I was just imagining “sana may art that you truly own na nasa phone, nasa digital, (that) you can take anywhere. This was before NFTs. When NFTs came it was like an AHA moment,” he disclosed.

Skye’s Tips for Starting Artists

Skye addressed his fellow artists and stated that with their art, “the more important your message (is), the more unique you will be and get known.”

“If you have collectors, wag niyo silang kalimutan, you have to foster a relationship with them, don’t take them for granted,” he added.

He stressed that if he has to mentor his younger self, he would advise him to “[not] forget to befriend all people because 90% of your success relies on your contacts and friends. Even if you are the best, if no one knows you it’s like you don’t exist.“

He also reminded them to keep their feet on the ground as “too much confidence can blind you to be objective.”

“The greatest minds have doubted themselves. That doubt will challenge and push you further. Use that as your inspiration. Doubt will not go away. You have to understand it,“ he said.

Skye’s Tips When Experiencing Burnout

He also talked about what he does to deal with burnout, to him the “most important is that you have friends who check up on you.”

“Also try to get fresh air everyday because we’re always on our phones. We forget there is a bigger world outside. If you are currently experiencing burnout, don’t do anything art related,” he advised.

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