Evolution Finance Set To Debut On Uniswap With 100% Of Token Supply Unlocked
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Evolution Finance Set To Debut On Uniswap With 100% Of Token Supply Unlocked

Evolution Finance, a self-sustainable locked liquidity protocol and lending/borrowing platform  on the Ethereum Network is set to debut on the leading AMM-DEX Uniswap as its governance token EVN prepares to go live in the open market.

This comes as an important milestone in the history of Evolution Finance as the project looks to bring the top 50 crypto assets to decentralized finance, including Polkadot, Litecoin, and Filecoin.

This information was made known through the official Twitter handle of Evolution Finance, which stated that trading of the EVN token will go live on Uniswap at 2 pm UTC, Feb. 9, 2021:

“Evolution Finance will list 100% of EVN supply on Uniswap at 2 pm UTC, Feb. 9, 2021. Additional details about EVNY minting and transaction limits (for wide distribution) will be released soon. 

As a result of the listing structure, there will be a fixed supply forever. The implication is that no additional token will be minted. The innovative DeFi project employs a deflationary token structure with the total supply fixed at 300k.

At launch, the total tokens will be available for trading in the open market. This model ensures that the value accrued by holders of EVN over time isn’t diluted by the infinite minting of tokens. 

Evolution Finance comes at a time when the DeFi landscape has been over-dependent on issuing only ERC20 native tokens. All that is set to change as the self-sustainable locked liquidity protocol through its ecosystem partners will be bringing the top 50 ERC20 tokens and ERC-wrapped native coins to the DeFi market. This is designed to expose the community to dig deep into the liquidity of the most liquid assets in the market. 

By bringing the top 50 blockchain assets to DeFi, the self-funded revolutionary project will be creating a lending platform for a 10x bigger market than any existing DeFi project that currently exists.  

The Growth Of Evolution Finance Is Being By Its Ecosystem Of Partners

Evolution Finance is founded on the anchor of top, renowned blockchain projects who has rallied behind it since its inception. So far, Evolution Finance has reached a partnership with Ferrum Network, DAO Maker, Blockchain Strategy Team, HBK, The Arcadia Group, and CipherBlade. 

The DeFi project has succeeded in assembling together a list of partners who are well established, vast, and experienced in the Blockchain and DeFi landscape. Evolution Network will be leveraging their expertise, network, exposure, and affluence to scale DeFi products that drive competitive value to the industry.

According to Evolution Network, the project will initially be managed by the partner network and decisions will be approved via multi-sig signers to ensure no malicious activity.

Evolution Finance will move to full decentralized governance control once the planned launch of the primary lending and borrowing money market finally goes live sometime in the second quarter of 2020.

Discover More About Evolution Finance

Evolution Finance is a self-funded project that will change the way users interact with DeFi locked liquidity and money markets. The revolutionary project is an initiative by a public network of partners who utilizes the EVN tokens to run the project and reward the participants.

The EVN token is the network token that powers the entire ecosystem of the Evolution Network and will serve as the governance token when the platform becomes fully decentralized.

EVN will be instrumental to the ecosystem’s growth,  the tokens will deploy a transaction fee model that incentivizes LPs and token holders.

Evolution Finance was built with the end-users in mind, to create a DeFi marketplace that gives users access to a long list of liquid assets while rewarding their participation in the network.

The upcoming EVN token launch on Uniswap marks the beginning of an important milestone for the ecosystem and will also open up the door for prospective token holders to take possession of the EVN token as they look forward to its numerous use cases.

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