Everything you need to know about PrimeXBT’s Margin Trading and Covesting

Everything you need to know about PrimeXBT’s Margin Trading and Covesting

Altcoins are currently ruling the crypto market and are getting more successful. Altcoins that have utility have the greatest growth potential. Now is the time to prove what developments and what products are supporting various altcoins. This post is all about margin trading and covesting which is the copy trading module of PrimeXBT.

What is PrimeXBT’s Covesting?

Covesting is a worldwide fintech firm chartered under the laws of Gibraltar, which allows the most all-inclusive assemblage of software solutions for local and institutional clients worldwide. Covesting has become one of the world’s first firms to obtain a Distributed Ledger Technology License (DLT) from administrative authorities in Gibraltar. Covesting is the developer of the “Covesting platform”. The Covesting platform unites traders with supporters. This allows them to make money alongside one another for common profit. Traders get a portion of success fees from follower’s investments, while followers can enjoy smooth trading by watching other trader’s thriving tactics.

The Covesting copy trading module has been available on PrimeXBT. Copy-trading needs no strategy, experience, or trading knowledge to begin. It is not only an uncomplicated and efficient method to trade but also an attractive approach to learn from the most skilled managers while following their trading movement closely.

How does the PrimeXBT’s Covesting Module work?

Covesting is a one-of-a-kind peer-to-peer copy trading module that unites new traders or amateur investors that wouldn’t otherwise trade with experienced traders and expert strategy administrators from around the global trading community. Covesting is available completely on PrimeXBT currently.


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As mentioned earlier, Covesting allows users to “Follow” any of the possible “Strategies” posted on the global rating system. Followers choose a reliable and useful strategy to follow and attach equity in just a few clicks. The platform allows followers to follow various strategies at once to create a profit-generating portfolio of expert traders. Strategy administrators trade with the strength of their own equity, coupled with the attached equity invested by followers, supporting ROI synergistically.

Covesting and Partnership with PrimeXBT

The covesting copy trading platform can be used by all PrimeXBT users. Registered users can use the platform in a few clicks, while new users are encouraged to register to try the innovative first for the crypto market.

On the other hand, PrimeXBT is an award-winning Bitcoin-based margin trading platform. It allows forex, stock indices, commodities with trading sizes over USD1bln. In the 2020 ADVFN International Financial Awards, the company won the award for the best bitcoin Margin Trading Platform.The platform gives:

  • Up to 100x leverage for cryptocurrencies.
  • Aggregated liquidity from various liquidity providers
  • A broad range of technical interpretation tools for trading
  • Security, liquidity, and a reliable and profitable trading environment
  • First crypto copy-trading module.

Followers have the most to earn from the Covesting platform. Followers require to simply invest money, with a very short time required compared to expert traders. The latter spend hours hunting price charts, taking pitches in a trading record, and planning about the next big move. Followers can circumvent the requirement for technical analysis and rather pay attention to easy-to-read and completely understandable success and risk metrics in the Covesting rating method.

Copy Trading On Covesting

As mentioned earlier, Covesting allows users to “Follow” any of the possible “Strategies” placed on the global rating system. Followers pick a strong and valuable strategy to develop and add assets in just a few clicks. The platform allows followers to follow various strategies at once to create a profit-generating portfolio of expert traders. Strategy managers trade with the strength of their own assets, coupled with the attached assets invested by followers, interactively supporting ROI. The Covesting copy trading module is open for free on PrimeXBT to all users, by hitting the Covesting tab within the private account dashboard. Or users can hit PrimeXBT.com/Covesting to learn more.

Visit the Covesting site and make your own research about the Token. You can also analyze trading crypto on the margin on PrimeXBT, but always remember that the traders past achievement doesn’t endorse any future results. Please assess how long the announced strategy has been running on the platform, the brand-new the strategy is the more risk it bears. Following strategies can end in a notable capital loss. Once again do not invest in stocks that you are not ready to lose, following the strategies is very precarious. There are Promo codes available for CryptoTicker readers. For CryptoTicker readers, the promo codes are available only for trading and not for Covesting. They are as follows:

  • Cryptoticker50 -> +50% welcome bonus for first-time deposit (non-withdrawable, just tradable, max cap 1 BTC)
  • Cryptoticker25 -> 25% discount on trading fees.

One more important thing to note here is that PrimeXBT has also received the ASIC license from the Australian government.

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Trading with financial products, especially with CFDs involves a high level of risk and is therefore not suitable for security-conscious investors. CFDs are complex instruments and carry a high risk of losing money quickly through leverage. Be aware that most private Investors lose money, if they decide to trade CFDs. Any type of trading and speculation in financial products that can produce an unusually high return is also associated with increased risk to lose money. Note that past gains are no guarantee of positive results in the future. 

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