Ethernity Chain to Partner With Chainlink for aNFT Security

  • Ethernity Chain announced an upcoming partnership with Chainlink.
  • Ethernity will use Chainlink’s VRF and price feed to secure exchange rates for its aNFTs.

Chainlink (LINK) has announced through a tweet that it will form a partnership with Ethernity Chain. This partnership will aim to offer provably fair minting and exchange rates for what they call authenticated non-fungible tokens (aNFTs).

According to Ethernity Chain, customers can rest assured that its aNFTs issuance via ePacks would be completely secure. Also, this will help prevent its aNFTs from manipulation. Consequently, users will get a smooth exchange rate when trading Ethernity Chain’s aNFTs in the market.

In reply to the Chainlink tweet, many in the Twitter community responded positively. In addition, others said that they are eager to wait for the integration. 

Once this happens, Ethernity Chain users will get access to use a variety of cryptos to buy ePacks without any hassle.

About the partnership, Ethernity CEO Nick Rose Ntertsas said,

“Together with Chainlink, Ethernity will be revolutionizing the digital collectibles space, both in offering real-world assets and allocating access to digital ePacks, where collectors and members of our community alike will have equal opportunity in collecting a number of their favorite notable figures in ways never before seen.”  

On the other hand, Ethernity recently announced that Fernando Totis Jr. is releasing his licensed NFT via its platform. Totis and the platform expect this to occur on April 26.

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