Ethernity Chain Launches 123-piece “El Niño” Bat NFT – CoinCheckup Blog

Ethernity is excited to announce the drop of their first real-world collectible on the blockchain. A limited-edition “El Niño” piece representing Fernando Tatís Jr’s famous bat will become available soon. Each collector will receive a physical bat signed by Tatís Jr. himself. This marks another essential milestone for the Ethernity Chain ecosystem.

Fans of Major League Baseball (MLB) will be familiar with the name Fernando Tatís Jr. They will also know about the “El Niño” bat, which allowed Tatís Jr. to build up a strong career for the San Diego Padres. He has hit multiple home runs with the bat, including two home runs in Game 2 of the 2020 Wild Card Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

As only 123 NFTs and handmade bats are to be created, timing is essential. The Ethernity Chain team created the NFT with the help of Victus Sports and Impossible Brief. This NFT serves as a prime example of how one can tokenize real-world assets on the blockchain to create non-fungible tokens.

The “El Niño” bat comes with the purchase of the aNFT for sale on Monday, April 26th at 12 pm on The bat is a “Supercharged Unlockable” for the first 123 buyers. For the price of $5,523, users can obtain these two NFTs to add to their collection. Every person buying the El Niño limited piece gets a physical bat from Victor Sports. All bats are produced and shipped by the company. Eligible buyers will receive an email from Ethernity to arrange for shipping and delivery.

The launch of this NFT comes at a time when Fernando Tatís Jr. is taking the league by storm. With over half a dozen home runs since his injury, Tatís Jr. seems to have returned to true form. His double home run on the 22nd anniversary of his father’s historic feat – Tatís Sr. hit two Grand Slams in one inning against the Dodgers – makes Tatís Jr’s career all the more iconic.

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