EBay CEO Affirms Interest In Inducing NFTs To Its System

eBay seems to be getting on to the crypto bandwagon just like several other mainstream platforms. The online retail giant’s CEO appeared in a recent interview and shed light on the company’s incorporation of crypto.

Even though the price of Bitcoin [BTC] has been stumbling over the last couple of days, the positive sentiment surrounding the king coin did not depreciate. Companies across the globe were still viewing BTC as a great mode of investment. Currently, the crypto industry’s market cap was at $2.25 trillion. These big numbers have undoubtedly enticed an array of platforms.

eBay To Look Into Prospects Of Crypto

Speaking with CNBC, the CEO of eBay, Jamie Iannone pointed out that the platform would continue exploring crypto as a prominent payment option. More than incorporating crypto into their system, the CEO was keen on looking into NFTs.

Nonfungible tokens aka NFTs have undoubtedly garnered immense traction across the world. While helping artists, these assets are also aiding those interested in scoring digital collectibles. Iannone revealed that eBay would start exploring opportunities to induce NFTs into the platform.

He added,

“One of the great things about eBay is when there’s a new trend, it just shows up on eBay. That’s what we’re seeing in areas like NFT, which we’re looking at how can we explore that better.”

Additionally, the CEO pointed out that transactions pertaining to collectibles that are similar to NFTs were already on the platform. However, he wanted to make the entire process much easier for the sellers as well as the buyers.

While the e-commerce platform hasn’t officially enabled Bitcoin as a payment method, several have reportedly started listing the king coin for purchase on the platform.

Every online business witnessed a massive boom during the pandemic. With mankind homebound, almost every platform decided to opt for digitalization. eBay has been in existence for quite a while and has made a notable presence in the market. The addition of crypto onto its platform would be beneficial for the crypto industry and the e-commerce firm.

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