Doge’s Billy Markus Is Selling 420 DOGE NFT Collectibles: Report

Doge’s Billy Markus, the co-creator, is selling 420 DOGE NFT collectibles, starting a craze on the market as he looks to cash in more so let’s read further in our latest Dogecoin news today.

Doge’s Billy Markus is selling a line of DOGE-based NFTs, but if you remember, he sold off his DOGE in 2015 and missed out on the billions. But will these NFTs make up for it? The DOGE mania didn’t stop with Elon Musk and the Coinbase listings. Now the meme crypto has its own line of NFTs and about 420 of them are up for grabs now. Billy Markus was the co-founder and engineer of the cryptocurrency and made an announcement on Twitter saying that he wanted to try something different through a new platform that will allow people to create multiple copies of the same NFT by using Rarible.

The NFTs seem to be a version of the same moving image of the rotating coins with the DOGE logo imprinted on it. Markus unloaded them in a three-tiered sale and two of them are already sold out. In the first tier, 181 of the 420 DOGE nfts were sold of 0.08 ETH on Rarible, and then three NFTs sold for 0.8 Ethereum in the second tier and the third tier sale had one NFT on Foundation which went up for 1.5 ETH. NFTs are unique digital tokens on the Ethereum network that can represent about anything online like audio or video content.

They exploded in popularity this year and sold for plenty of money as we saw with Beeple for example. Dogecoin, on the other hand, is a cryptocurrency that started out as a joke but not is sixth in value with a market cap of $47.3 billion. The coin became quite popular in the past year as Elon Musk pumped the coin online and called it his favorite crypto. Its value also skyrocketed and it was trading at 0.34 which marked a 13,600% increase to the price over the past year.

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Last week, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, Coinbase, listed the coin hoping to make the currency available to users after a huge surge in popularity. Though its value was propelled by memes, Dogecoin was not a joke and now the developer Ross Nicoll said that those that are working on the currency’s tech, refused money from Musk but are still working with him to turn it into a rival o Bitcoin. Markus didn’t see any of the money that got poured into the currency but could his NFT sale be a strong fundraising method to create the next peer-to-peer cash system?

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