Dogecoin Founder Buys Back Into Dogecoin: Report

Bill Markus, Dogecoin founder buys back into DOGE and revealed that this comes after eight years of hiatus from digital currency so let’s read more in our Dogecoin news.

According to the founder, he vowed that he never will purchase any more digital currencies again but it now seems that the success of the coin has changed his mind. Breaking his own vow, the Dogecoin founder buys back into some doge and he used his Twitter account to make the announcement. He continues to use his Twitter account to document his journey despite posting some joke tweets and checking the prices most of the time so he even bought back into the coin during the price crash. This is a sign that the count was headed for a new rebound.

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The investors in Doge took the news positively, the coin is back from the recent crash. For the unintended, Palmer and Markus created a coin back in 2013 as a joke and forked the coin off of Litecoin and it was meant as a joke that aimed at BTC and then the crypto market. They both sold their holdings in coin very early on and have since then stepped from the development side of the coin but Markus said that he later sold his Dogecoin holdings to purchase an old Honda.

None of them expected the coin to go anywhere and for a while, it didn’t. Dogecoin has a market capitalization bigger than Honda does and the founder was quite focal about the regards in getting rid of the crypto holdings back in 2015 so back then, Markus sold his own coins and another crypto because he got laid off and had a hard time financially. The amount he sold his coins was to buy a new Honda Civic and that amount of crypto would have made him a fortune in 2021.

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The founder started finding a new way back into digital currencies. Taking to Twitter he explained why he got back into the coin and claims he now sees the real value of the coin and also stated that he was in the community because it was “full of jerks.” Markus has numerous calls for his investors to be nice to each other and to be cordial to all non-investors. The people that don’t want to buy Dogecoin don’t mean the coin will not be successful. He also uses his account to share memes that are in line with the coin being a meme coin. Bill Markus founded the coin in 2013 with Jackson Palmer as both founders sold their coins shortly after the creation of the coin.

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