DOGE Meme Sells For $4M to PleasrDAO NFT Collective

A DOGE meme sells for $4 million and the winning bid is 1.696.9 ETH with a group called PleasrDAO winning the bidding war as we can see more in our latest Dogecoin news.

An NFT tied to an image of DOGE, sold on Friday for over $4 million and the buyer was PleasrDAO which is a group of investors whose collection includes NFTs from Edward Snowden and the Tor Project as an online auction house which is funded by Coinbase’s venture arm. PleasrDao is actually a DAO or decentralized autonomous organization as a kind of a blockchain-based corporate governance structure and each member holds a token that represents a fraction of the group’s treasury and an equal say in group decision-making. Santiago Santos said:

“We purchase and collect pieces which we believe are timeless and priceless mementos of digital and crypto culture. Doge is perhaps one of the most important memes of internet culture.”

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NFTs are non-fungible tokens that can be auctioned as proof of ownership for digital goods so as the market for crypto collectibles dies down, high rollers are still investing. For example, Sotheby’s sold an NFT for over $17 million. Early 2010s image macros like DOGE proved a popular use case for NFTs as well with tokens attached to Nyan Cat or “Disaster Girl” being sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Irony of spending $4 million on a meme is not lost on PleasrDAO and their winning bid suggests that they arent taking themselves way too seriously. Santos said:

“The 69s, 420s, and 1337s are all memes in their own right,” Santos said.

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As reported recently, Doge’s Billy Markus is selling a line of DOGE-based NFTs, but if you remember, he sold off his DOGE in 2015 and missed out on the billions. But will these NFTs make up for it? The DOGE mania didn’t stop with Elon Musk and the Coinbase listings. Now the meme crypto has its own line of NFTs and about 420 of them are up for grabs now. Billy Markus was the co-founder and engineer of the cryptocurrency and made an announcement on Twitter saying that he wanted to try something different through a new platform that will allow people to create multiple copies of the same NFT by using Rarible.

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