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Dignity Corp gold reserves-backed security token to list on CryptoSX Exchange

US-based Dignity Corp has announced that its native DIGau token will be listed on the CryptoSX digital assets exchange on 11 January. The company is taking a very innovative approach by backing its security token with gold reserves.

Relying on a “regulation forward” approach and the use of security tokens, Dignity Corp has found new ways to leverage investment into the US precious metals, mining, and minerals sector.

It is aided in this endeavour by CryptoSX, a cutting-edge platform for security token offerings (STOs) which are backed by fiat/crypto conversion capabilities. Philip Tam, the founder and CEO of CryptoSX said of the listing:

“Our mission has always been about redefining the traditional investor mindset, particularly towards security-backed tokenized opportunities. That’s fundamentally why my partners and I created CryptoSX – to essentially showcase to the global investor arena, a potential that is fairly unsaturated, waiting to be unlocked via the STO investment space. Dignity brings an immense amount of passion and drive to do things differently within their own niche. To me, it is obvious that they are going to go on with even greater successes, and it is CryptoSX’s promise to be there for them as an effective platform, and more importantly a trusted partner every step of the way.”

Chairman of Dignity Corp, Kent M. Swig added:

“We are excited to list the DIGau token on CryptoSX and expand access to the gold reserves-backed security that already has a strong base of investor interest. A significant next step in our journey is about to begin, with trading of the DIGau token set to be available to certain interested investors in both Europe and Asia. These are very exciting and proud times, both personally and professionally, to begin showing the world the value of the Dignity business model.”

Investors looking to benefit from opportunities in the US precious metals and minerals sector will no doubt be interested in the new DIGau security token as it combines gold reserves backing, the actual mining of the metals, and the creation of a complementary investment fund.

Those investors who hold the tokens will share in the profits from the fund by way of dividend payments. The whole process of which is fully registered and regulated in the United States.

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