DigitalFlyer® SA And Community Business Token(Cbt)

Changing the Face of the NFT Space

Imagine a decentralized digital marketplace for businesses where multiple functionalities and online tools are accessible to any company while helping community members discover relevant products and service providers within the best time possible. This is what DigitalFlyer® is all about. Funding, maintenance, and updates are driven by the business members and business community.

The most exciting part about this project is that the platform is already in use and functioning within the business space. DigitalFlyer® is gaining traction and awareness at a fast pace as more businesses realise the need to have a digital presence. The focus now is further growth and enhancements.

CBT is an extension of the DigitalFlyer® platform. This utility token will be used as a rewards token within the platform. This clearly shows that it’s not a planned innovation but an already established project with a booming community framework. It positions the platform as a reliable, stable, and transparent trading platform that benefits every relevant party – both the service consumer and provider. Currently, this platform welcomes every entrepreneur, small scale to medium scale businesses and startups, making a blockchain rewards program accessible to any size business.

CBT is still relatively new. It began two years ago, and within this period, DigitalFlyer® has become fully operational, accommodating roughly over 600 registered businesses. The token enables and supports multiple community projects such as childhood development, entrepreneurial development, schooling, and community health.

CBT NFT’s – Vision

The past few years the blockchain ecosystem experienced the innovation of NFTs. Multiple projects leverage this space to incorporate music, poetry, content creation, art, etc., into DeFi.

Seeing the potential, CBT has decided to extend its reach to this space, explore its functionalities and support local talents accordingly. Dewald Rosema, CEO and Founder of CBT, recently appointed full-time artist Nico Le Roux and the CEO of Wineland Art Gallery, Ryan Van den Berg, as NFT consultants for CBT. This is a necessary step towards taking on the NFT space with top-notch physical and digital collectibles.

The goal is to look after collectors by offering them NFT collectibles of the highest possible quality and give them value for their digital currency. It centers around eliminating skepticism and fraud that clouds the NFT space with its quality control and selection process. Irrespective of experience level, as long as the quality is assured, any NFT creator qualifies to be a part of the project. It does however not only consider collectors but also aims to solve the prevalent issue of fair deals to creators and transparency through the blockchain..

Introducing DigitalFlyer® NFT Shares

When people hear about NFT, the first thought that comes to mind is art. DigitalFlyer® has now taken an even bolder step by digitising the DigitalFlyer® platform, offering digital share certificates to its growing business. In essence, you can become a shareholder of the CBT business marketplace platform. Only 1000 digital shares will be made available for purchase with no intention of further minting in the future.

This makes DigitalFlyer® the first and only South African company to offer digital share certificates as part of its growing business.

DigitalFlyer® – Brief overview

  • A digital marketplace that makes online tools and functionalities more accessible and affordable (customized webpage, full e-commerce, event and appointment booking).
  • The project is available via the iOS app store, PlayStore, and via web
  • It holds three registered trademarks, which are the name, DigitalFlyer®, Logo, and Paper plane.
  • Nonprofit organizations qualify up to a 50% referral bonus upon verification.

With DigitalFlyer® digital share certificate, holders can qualify for;

  • 1,000,000 CBT, to be staked with a 50% APY, interest earned paid out quarterly, to the valid

holder at pay-out date.

  • Annually recurring 30% Referral bonus, when any business registers with your unique

referral code on the business marketplace. This is only valid for the actual holder of the


  • Quarterly zoom meetings with Dewald and other shareholders fully updating you about the growth, progress, and potential developments of the platform.
  • One time life membership on the DigitalFlyer® platform for your business or any business of your choice
  • The purchaser of the digital share certificate will receive a signed and authenticated digital

share certificate, in the form of an NFT minted on OpenSea and stored on the blockchain.

  • Step by step guides and personal assistant to enable the management of the DigitalFlyer®

account and business setup as well as tracking referrals.

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