Developing a simple crypto trading strategy like a pro trader


Professional traders always use simple trading strategies to trade the crypto market. They never rely on their emotions or gut feelings to execute the trades. To them, trading the crypto market is nothing but an investment. They evaluate the technical and fundamental details of the market and find the best possible trade signals in a very strategic way. If you want to become good at the crypto trading profession, you should also develop a simple trading strategy.

You may think that developing a crypto trading strategy is a very tough task. Though this statement is true, we are going to give you some amazing guidelines which will help you to curate a professional trading strategy within a short time. Let’s get into the details.

Learn about the support and resistance

Support and resistance levels are the most critical factors in the crypto trading business. You need to buy the asset when the price hits a major support level and sell the asset when the price hits a major resistance. Unless you develop the skills to identify the major support and resistance level, you are never going to become good at trading. Most people draw the support and resistance level in the lower time frame. Eventually, they take the trades at the minor trading zones. Taking the trades on the minor trading zone is another key reason for which people are losing money. So, learn to find the important trading zones in a higher time frame as it will allow you to curate a professional trading strategy.

Use of paper trading account

To develop your trading strategy, you need to use a paper trading account. Without using a paper trading account, you have to risk your real money during the strategy development process. Try to take the trades at the major support and resistance level in the demo account. If you feel confident with your trading approach, you can slowly add different kinds of indicators to filter out the bad trade signals. Some of the rookie traders in the crypto trading industry often get biased with the indicators and overload their trading strategy with too many tools. Make sure you are not doing the same mistake. The trading system should be simple and you must be able to take quick decisions by analyzing the important variables of the market.

Use of candlestick patterns

We all know the crypto market is extremely volatile in nature. To deal with the intense volatility of the market, you must learn to trade the market by using candlestick patterns. Using the candlestick patterns in the trading profession is also known as a price action trading strategy. With the help of simple price action confirmation signals, you can execute high-quality trades at the important support and resistance level. Moreover, you can use a tight stop loss, and thus you can increase the lot size without increasing the risk factors. Once you learn the price action trading technique, you may integrate this system with your existing trading strategy. By doing so, your trading system will become much more efficient.

Testing your trading strategy

Before you start trading the market with the newly developed trading strategy, you need to test the efficiency of your system. Use a demo account and trade the market for weeks. After you have executed 20 trades, analyze the trading results. If you feel satisfied with your trading performance, you may start trading with real money. If not, you need to bring significant changes to your existing trading system. Try to find the weakness in your trading system and fix the issues. Make sure you bring all the changes to the demo trading account. Never test things in the real account as you might lose a big portion of your trading capital. Always consider the safety of your investment during the strategy development process.



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